Thursday, March 10, 2011

sweet tooth?

Holy moly. When I wrote that post about all the sugar in our house, I didn't even know the half of it. Yesterday, I walk outside to check the mail and this is sitting on our doorstep.

My younger brother, Will, sent us a king cake from New Orleans. Rewind to when we were in Savannah last weekend. He had one at his house (his girlfriend is from just south of New Orleans) and I desperately wanted a piece. I hadn't had some of that goodness since Mrs. Scafidi's 6th grade class. We left town before I ever got my piece and so...he sent us a whole cake. It was no sweets for me yesterday so it was just plain torture for me to look at that box. And how cool is that box, by the way? So today we decorated it and then cut pieces within seconds. Sweet...and so good. I gave Hannah the beads that came with it.

Today after Rotary Joe walks in the house with this:

That's a cake box. He won the weekly charity raffle for a chocolate cake. Are you kidding me? This week? With Hannah I just really wasn't all that interested in sweets through most of the pregnancy. This time around is different. Good thing too. Dessert anyone?

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