Monday, June 15, 2015

summer days

Last Tuesday I joined some of my girlfriends and their kids at Splash in the 'Boro.

I tackled the linen closet on Wednesday. I mean everything out, gone through, and organized. I was very happy with my work when, at the end, there was a completely empty shelf.

…A perfect spot for Hannah and Bitty to take a rest.

We painted nails and have just enjoyed goofing off during these hot summer days. We went to a send-off party for our friend, Victoria, who is competing in Miss Georgia Outstanding Teen this week. Hannah sure loves the new crown she got (disregard Little Brother struggling to put on his pajamas in the background):

On Friday, Hannah and I went for a little run. She was tired and hot, but did good. I love to watch her run.

And Joseph. Man, he has come a long way from last summer when he wouldn't get in the pool. It was all I could do to get him to play on the stairs or let me hold him in the water. This year he is jumping to us and having a ball. Still a little nervous, but getting more and more comfortable.

This week is VBS for both kids and Lego camp for Hannah. She was so excited this morning. All girly and accessorized, and ready to hang with the boys. {There's only one other girl in the camp.}

Sunday, June 7, 2015

tour of georgia

We are back settled at home from a very full week split between Atlanta, Sandersville, and Tifton. A tour of Georgia somewhat.

Last weekend was a busy couple of days filled with family in town, recital stuff, and heading to Atlanta. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet my new godson at a sip-n-see, so I packed up the kids and drove to Atlanta after going to early church and Sunday School.

Hannah went with me and got to play with big sister Catelin. Joseph went off with the boys to do boy things.

Isn't Jake precious?! He is Julie's fourth (yes, fourth!) child. Julie and I went to Georgia Tech together. {I've blogged about her before.} She was my big-sister in the sorority and we've been friends every since. Besides taking care of four adorable children, she also works part-time as a doctor and runs marathons. I'm not sure how she does it all but I'm proud of her and love her to death. She's a true friend and sister-in-Christ. So glad I got to see her and hold that sweet baby boy!!

We spent the night with another special family who I love to pieces. Auntie Jen and Uncle Daniel made room for us and I was so grateful for the time to catch up, it had been too long. Hannah was very excited to have a sleepover with Leah.

As little girls do, they stayed up way late, playing and talking.

On Monday morning we took the kids to the zoo. The weather was nice and, other than a little whining due to kids staying up too late, everyone had a fun time. Hannah was excited to see the pink flamingos but thought they were stinky…

The meerkats were one of their favorites. They are cute little things and seem to have fun.

We were disappointed the giraffes were not on exhibit but we did get to see the zebras. And we said hi to Willie B.

Joseph thought the gorillas were hilarious because you can see "their bottoms". I don't know…but he giggled a lot. I love how they just sit there, perched on the rocks like they are posing for pictures.

Hannah couldn't wait to see the monkeys and was thrilled when one "looked" at her.

The otters were another favorite. Like the meerkats, they seem to have a great time and are fun to watch in action:

I love the tiger-roar picture. The tiger didn't do anything impressive, but the kids were entertaining.

Before Jen and the girls had to leave, we took a ride together on the carousel. The three girls were excited and happy…

…Joseph not so much. He smiled briefly, but really just wanted me right beside him. The up and down, shaky movement was really not his deal.

Hannah and Joseph then ran around and had a blast at the new splash pad just as the sun came out from its hiding place behind the clouds.

We visited the twin pandas (and impersonated one sleeping) and checked in on the elephant(s) again.

Instead of going straight back to Sandersville, we went back into the city for lunch and shoe shopping (for me!) at Atlantic Station. My highlight was having chicken and waffles for the first time, something I've always wanted to try but a little hesitant to do. We went to Chick-a-Biddy and it was delicious! The highlight for the kids might have been the escalators at DSW. {Small town living here, remember?}

After a day at home, we drove down to be with Joe at the Methodist Church's annual conference in Tifton. We ate, swam, and played at the hotel. The kids and me, that is. Joe worked mostly.

{…Those times when the kids get ahold of your phone and take pictures of themselves. They were in the corner of my dressing room at TJ Maxx. Can't complain, they were occupying themselves quite well.}

It was a lot of time in the car, and late nights going to bed, but a fun week making fun memories.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

our first recital

On Saturday night, Hannah was in her very first recital. It was quite exciting! Before the costumes even came in, she was inviting everyone to her recital on May 30. {I'm talking like in March.}

A couple of weeks before the big event she had pictures at a local studio. We chose the ballet costume for hers and I put a little blush and some pink lipstick on her. I had high hopes for one good shot that I could stick in a frame. Surprisingly, she was not all that interested in having photos taken and thought it was soooo boring. She actually asked me when she was going to be done and proclaimed, "This is nonsense!" No joke. I am not even sure where she learned that word. 

They turned out way better than I thought they would.

I had a hard time deciding which one to go with for the package I ordered. {I went with the one in the center.} My mom, Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie gave Hannah a beautiful silver frame engraved "Hannah Ballerina" that holds a picture of 3 poses in one 4x6 photo. It is already proudly displayed on the bookshelf in her room. 

Friday was dress rehearsal. She was overjoyed when I added a swoop of mascara while putting on her make-up.

Chloe and Mollie were groomed on Friday. I wanted a picture of them and Hannah wanted to be in it. Ahh, now she willingly poses for a photo!

Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie came from Cincinnati, stopping on their way to the Virgin Islands for vacation. We were so appreciative of them coming and Hannah was over-the-moon that they were here for her first recital! They both celebrate birthdays at the beginning of June, so we made a cake, of course. {And served it after cinnamon rolls for breakfast!} We also had balloons and party hats.

Saturday evening came and Hannah was all ready backstage in a yellow dress for the opening number.

The recital was really great and we thoroughly enjoyed the show - from the dad dance contest at the beginning (Joe did not participate) to the curtain call at the end. The costumes and music selections were perfect (and at times hysterical - Bama Boyz rendition of "Old MacDonald", anyone?).

Hannah was so much fun to watch. If there were any nerves, it didn't show. She smiled and had the best time. At one point she couldn't quite locate her mark and just shrugged her shoulders. Another time she motioned directions to another ballerina. Her expressions were hilarious. She danced to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams for tap and "Once Upon A December" from Anastasia for ballet.

{I'll try to upload a video, but they are on Joe's phone…}

After the show, we were invited up on stage to take pictures.

{I have to get photo with Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie from them and will add it here.}

Hannah did not want to hold her bouquets as is typical. She held hers up more like a trophy (or torch). My mom and I decided to arrange our own flowers instead of going through the local florist. Mom picked them up at Fresh Market in Savannah and put them together at our house. I love the way they turned out.

Obviously, Joseph took pictures too:

After dinner at the Mexican place, Hannah orchestrated a late-night dance party in the playroom:

…a fitting ending to a dance-filled day!