Friday, February 28, 2014

friday randomness

I am not an every day blogger. If I were, my posts would mainly consists of pictures taken from my phone - and most likely of the kids, things pertaining to them, design inspiration or just random things like this…

But I'm hard-pressed as is to find time to sort through photos that sync between my phone and this computer and then upload them to the blog…much less write things to go along with them. And who wants to listen to me ramble everyday anyway?

So, with that said, occasionally a photo dump, mobile style, is in order.

Here is some randomness from the last couple weeks.

I tend to relearn often that boys and girls are quite different.

Take coloring for example.

They can coexist completely focused in their own worlds. Sometimes it's coloring, sometimes it's trains, and sometimes it's puzzles and Legos.

…and other times they conspire and cause trouble, just as siblings should.

Yes…she has climbed in his bed and I listened as she tried to coach him on how to get out. Thankfully, he chickened out. I'd like a few more months please…

Granddaddy sent them a map. 

They are very excited. We've already put stickers on where people live. 

Hannah and I went to Augusta for an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist. 

Our pediatrician thought she noticed one of Hannah's eyes drifting at her four-year well visit. Her office called in a referral and, because it was barely noticeable, the appointment wasn't until four months later. She did great and her vision is perfect! 

We had lunch afterwards, and I had one of those mom moments, when I looked at her and wanted time to stand still. I asked her to smile for a picture so I'd always remember the sweetness on her face.

It was just a Chic-fil-A lunch. But it was way more than that. I so enjoy our time just us.

Hannah went to the dentist this week, as you might have seen on Instagram or Facebook. It started well. She was a willing patient and Joseph was there for support. 

And then it got a little dicey.

And then we got here. Joseph messing with all the tools and Hannah looking like someone about to have a panic attack.

Her teeth are great!

Yesterday I took Joseph to Savannah for another GI appointment. He doesn't like the sun in his eyes.

I usually give him a pair of my sunglasses and that helps a little. He was pretty angry with the sun though. I recorded part of his lashing out. Not sure how to upload audio files, but it went like this: "Ahhh! Go away sun! Go away!!! Ahhhhhhh!! GO away sun, GO AWAY!!!" The little guy had to deal with the sun (and I had to deal with his yelling at the sun) for half our trip. 

After three hours we were on our way. I do not like going to that office. I so want a normal, healthy little boy who is free from pain and the situation he's been dealing with for 2 1/2 years. We do believe things are getting better, though slowly. And we are optimistic that he'll eventually grow out of all his troubles. Please God…

When I got home, Joe had this delicious dinner planned. {I told you this was a random post.}

A re-invented huevos rancheros with corn patties, poached eggs, sautéed peppers, avocados and homemade pico de gallo. We put the kids to bed and had a quiet dinner. It was yummmmmmy.

That's all for now. Meme is coming tomorrow and we are celebrating her birthday. Hannah is beside herself talking about what we are going to do, how we are going to decorate, and (of course) what she is going to wear. 

Hope you have a nice weekend. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

one (big) thing checked off

On President's Day, we rode over to Augusta. Joe needed to visit the food bank our church is partnering with for our Backpack Buddies program, and I had a couple errands to run. We ate lunch at Five Guys. I could eat those fries all day long, but the whole family loves the peanuts. My kids could live off of them.

I picked up these:

Such an overdue item on my to-do list, that actually having them in hand was almost overwhelming. I am so happy with the way they turned out. I did not want them to match exactly, but I did want them to coordinate.

I did the same mats, and the frames, while completely different, both have a champagne finish.

I am glad I went with this frame for Hannah's. I was initially thinking a wider molding, but this one compliments the announcement's background pattern without being over-the-top. And I love how deep it is.

Joseph's is so different from anything I've seen, and if I went off of my snap-judgement when I first got into the store I would have saved myself some time with the second-guessing. It's masculine but works well with the announcement, a good contradiction to Hannah's very feminine frame. I love it.

I hung them next to one another in the hallway outside the kids' bedrooms. Check!

You know how sometimes it just hits you and, all of a sudden, you realize how big your babies are, and that they're not really, well, babies anymore?

Maybe it's looking at the birth announcements. Maybe it's the words and phrases I'm hearing lately or the conversations we're having. Maybe it's capturing everyday moments in pictures like these… But it has certainly hit me. They are growing up…too fast sometimes for my liking.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

visit from uncle ben

My older brother came to visit from Cincinnati (by way of Atlanta) for a couple of nights back at the beginning of this month. Aunt Katie wasn't feeling well, so he came solo. The kids were coming out of that sick spell and were ready to play. The ice storm came and the pictures never made it to the blog.

We had a good time.

He pretended Joseph was knocking him down (again and again), and Joseph's giggle was too much. I love that sweet sound. "Uncle Ben! Push me bery higher!!"

If that is not an adorable uncle/nephew picture, I don't know what is.

Hannah loves her Uncle Ben, too. He is a goofball.

Joseph going up…

…and the showoff coming down. {I'm pretty sure little brother is yelling at her in this picture, likely trying to tell her she is doing it wrong.}

She is utterly fearless driving the jeep around the yard at full speed, swinging super high, or climbing up things, but ever since her Christmas Day fall, Hannah has really not been that excited about her new bike. Ben was able to encourage her up the street…with his help, she made some headway in the fear department.

Meme came in town later that day. I really wish I had a video of us playing hide and go seek in the front yard. I haven't seen my mom run like that in, well…I'm not sure I've ever seen her run like that. The kids had a ball. We all had a ball.

…and Joseph was a crazy man behind the wheel. {I'm glad we have the jeep with the guard rail/bumper/bar thing in the front. Comes in handy when you hit big trees at full speed.}

The next morning, Hannah had her first performance singing with the cherub choir at church. Ben recorded it (and I did my best to piece together the videos he sent me in iMovie).

I loved watching her. Happy momma moment. Fun weekend.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Before the ice storm, we played in the backyard and I took pictures of H+J, hoping to come up with one for their valentines. I've done this the last two years (you can see 2012 here and 2013 here), adding text to a picture and printing them out at CVS. I attach candy and then we're good to go.

The kids are always excited to go outside, but at these ages, getting them to be still and smile is often a challenge. Hannah was overjoyed to get to put on her new t-shirt and leggings from Meme, so she was more than happy to oblige. 

Joseph on the other hand…well, I have about 30 seconds with him.

His t-shirt is also from Meme. Heartbreak department…look at him.

And that was that. I chose two different ones for Hannah, because I couldn't decide. 

She added the hearts and helped me punch holes.

My little boy looks so big in that picture. 

Their preschool parties were today, due to school cancellation last week. So this has been an extended Valentine celebration, and with cards and goodies coming in the mail, the kids are happy in the sugar department. Joseph was a ham today...

{He is actually singing Deep and Wide in the picture on the right.}

Hannah played musical chairs in her class.

She won, and was pretty happy about that. Joseph handed out his valentines:

I picked them up at the playground as usual, and, after all the junk they ate, was happy that they were somewhat interested in lunch.

{Joseph had to go to Daddy's office and show him his sticks first.} 

We had a fun time celebrating Valentine's Day, and while we don't need an over-commercialized holiday to celebrate love, we sure like the excuse for fun clothes, decorations, chocolate, and preschool parties!