Saturday, July 11, 2009

10, 9.........Let the countdown begin!

Things are moving on along. And Hannah is growing big and strong (trust me). We just went for a checkup and had another ultrasound. Hannah weighs 3lb8oz and constantly amazes people with how much she moves around in there. During our sonogram, she had one foot up by her head. She is right on track and we are 31 weeks tomorrow! Everybody keeps telling us that she's not going to stay in there for 9 more weeks, but we'll see! She seems content to just kick and punch. Her daddy talks to her all the time and we think she really recognizes his voice. If we want her to move for somebody, all it takes is some coaching from Daddy! Mama is doing well. Backpain is my biggest complaint. I crave a massage every night.

Tomorrow we leave Jesup for 3 long weeks away from home. Joe will be in Kentucky for seminary for two weeks (working on his DMin). I will be with him for the first week. And then we will go to our family reunion at Carolina Beach. That, we are looking forward to! More to come soon...