Wednesday, June 27, 2012

still catching up...

While we were in Savannah for Will's birthday, we played in Forsyth Park with Granddaddy and Aunt Angie. Hannah was running in her search to find my dad and fell on the sidewalk, hence the band-aids on her knees. She's tough, though, and willingly participated when I spotted an empty park bench...

I do like to dress my kids alike. My mom got them these outfits and, as fast as kids grow, I'm going to let them wear them every chance I get.

Later we met the family for pizza at Vinnie Van Gogh Gogh's, one of my favorite places in Savannah.

Will and Crystal.

My niece and nephew, Jordan and Austin.

Joseph playing with Aunt Trudie and Crystal.

The next day was Trinity Sunday and we went with my dad to St. John's - the church he attended for some 40 years or more - on Madison Square in downtown Savannah. The music was beautiful and it was nice to be there to worship with my dad who I rarely get to see. {He moved to WA a year ago.}

no problem mon

As I have a habit of doing, I wrote this post and meant to post it once all the pictures were uploaded and I got sidetracked.

Several weeks ago we had a surprise Jamaican/reggae themed 30th birthday party for my brother, Will. We loaded up and traveled to Savannah for the shindig. I took the kids a couple days early and we actually got to spend a good five days, something that rarely happens. I don't know how surprised the birthday boy really was, but a good time was had by all. Crystal, his girlfriend, did a great job with the details and my mom and I enjoyed helping plan. My dad came from Bellingham, WA, and other friends and family came from out of town to surprise him.

The kids were around for the surprise part and then carried off to bed.

Hannah and Aunt Katie dancing to the drums.

Three Joseph Alexander Bucks.


Will and Crystal, party planner extraordinaire.

Friday, June 15, 2012

the girl who likes to dress up

Dora princess costume? Check. {I'm not sure she knows who Dora is.} Big tutu? Check. Necklace, crown, and other accessories? Check. And she won't go anywhere without shoes and socks. These plain white ones are among her favorites. Go figure. The cheesy smile is a staple as soon as the camera is pointed in her direction.

Just another day in our house. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I posted this on Facebook, but it bears a repeat. Hannah learned "Zacchaeus" at preschool. She sang with her class in church a little while back. I was so proud she actually sang and did the motions. Fast forward a few weeks and it is still her favorite song. A couple weekends ago, Hannah, Joseph, and I sat in the car while Joe got a haircut. I got her to sing for me while we were waiting...

She's so country. Words like he and see are two syllables. And I love how she says Zacchaeus, like "ZacCHAEUS!!! You better get down from that tree right now boy!"

Ah, I could watch it over and over and over. Love her.