Monday, June 30, 2014

big boy room {beds}

There is a cute little, relatively new, consignment and antiques shop in Savannah. Joe and I visited back in May and got lucky, finding something perfect for Joseph's big boy room on the first stop on our hunt. Of course, just as happened with my wedding dress (among other purchases), sometimes when I find something perfect (or darn close to it) on my first try, I doubt my decision and keep looking…eventually leading me right back to the thing I saw in the first place.

And that's what happened. A few weeks later when we were back in Savannah, I called Clutter (cute store name, huh?) to see if the beds had been sold. They hadn't, surprisingly, and were loaded in my car an hour later. They were even better than I remembered, made of mahogany and in good condition. I stored them at my mom's house until we exchanged beds for kids week before last.

Joseph was one step closer to having a big boy bed…or two.

My plan is to create a "big boy" room from a nursery, on a very small budget, not changing wall color, rug or any other furniture. Essentially, the only difference is the beds. Not a lot of fun for a designer who likes to make changes, move things around, decorate and re-decorate. But such is the case. And again, the budget is itty bitty. The challenge is finding bedding that will work in the space and figuring out where to put everything.

Here's my starting point:

I liked Joseph's nursery. {I would rather not have carpet, but I live in a parsonage, so I'm limited to the changes I can make.} It has evolved over the last three years with subtractions (the changing table) and additions (the teepee, his second birthday present). When I put the room together, I selected things that could be a part of his room for years to come. There are many special elements and things that are very old and have been a part of our family for a long time, so I'm glad that I created a room that could grow with him, so to speak. We'll see how it turns out. I do like how the beds look in there…

We didn't have the mattresses when the kids came home from Camp Meme, so Joe took the one off of Hannah's trundle to put across some wood slats. Joseph was very eager to sleep in a big boy bed when he got back, as we FaceTimed while he was in Savannah and he saw the work-in-progress.

Figuring out the beds - and by that I mean mattresses and box springs - was a headache. The beds are lower because that's just how they made beds back then, and a standard box spring at 9" would put the mattress (also 9") so high it would cover up the beautiful spindles. Which is the whole point of these cute antique beds we love. 

I bought the mattresses from a wholesale mattress place in Savannah, but they were out of stock on the low-profile box springs. I researched a few options: go with bunkie boards, have boxes made with 2x4s and plywood at the local building supply company, or special order low-profile box springs to be shipped to a store here. You can buy low-profile foundations (4" or 5" height) online, but they are hard to find in twin size (without also buying the mattress) and they are expensive when you go that route. Due to cost, practicality, and options #1 and 2 making the beds a little low for what I wanted, I ended up going with option #3. We are cooling our heels while we wait for them to arrive.  

I'm ready for this bed saga to be over. I have mattress pads, duvets and sheets and have ordered duvet covers. Keeping my eye out for cute stuff like throw pillows to add to the mix. And the best part is - Joseph is so excited! About the beds…not about throw pillows. When planning this room, Joe often reminds me it belongs to a boy…and boys don't care. 

But I do…and so it will look nice. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wrapping up camp meme

Friday morning I left home just before 7am and arrived in Savannah, ran a couple of errands and headed out to Wesley Gardens for the last day of VBS. My mom and both of my aunts were in charge of snack so I helped and was so excited when I got to see my Monkey when she came through!

Joseph did a couple days with the 3-yr-old class, but he just didn't take to it well. Strange place, strange faces, lots of moving around…he was overwhelmed. But this kid had the best facial expression when he looked up and saw me in the nursery. Like it took a second for him to realize I was really standing there. His eyes just kept getting bigger. And, just as I did with Hannah, I took a picture with my phone to send Daddy back home. I couldn't decide which face to go with, so I sent him several…

Hannah jumped on the trampoline quite a bit - her favorite pastime at Meme's house. Isabelle, a long-time family friend came over and jumped with her on Friday afternoon.

She loves to jump, that's for sure. I ran all over town picking up necessities for Joseph's room on Friday, so when Saturday morning came (and the kiddos were up early), I suggested we go downtown to Ellis Square. We ate breakfast at a cute little place called Goose Feathers (formerly the Express Cafe) and then we played in the fountains. Joseph was hesitant at first, but Hannah was ready to play and slipped on her bathing suit right away. Both didn't want to leave when it was time to go.

I love downtown Savannah. We had lunch at another yummy place, called The 5 Spot, with Gran Gran and Poppy, then stopped by to visit Will and Crystal before we headed home. Joseph loves Uncle Will Will's music room!

And just like that, Came Meme is in the books. My ever-creative mother made those shirts for them and decorated little bags for the children's goodies and to keep up with their Bible school things.

On the back of the bags was a progress chart. By the time I got to look, some of the dots had been moved around.

Hannah came home with some new artwork for the fridge. Love all the fish.

As for me, I had a nice week. I got a lot done and relaxed (and read!) some, too. I leisurely drank my morning coffee and got a workout in everyday. I cleaned up a bit, made good progress on Joseph's room, and hauled a car load of donations away. Most enjoyably, I spent time with my HB. We went out on a couple dates and relished conversations without interruptions! But we missed our babies, and were very glad when we were all back together.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

…and they're off!

We celebrated Father's Day.

Daddy got presents (and a completely adorable children's church craft from Hannah).

The poem is titled "Walk Alongside me Daddy" by Helen Bush.

Personally, I think those are the best answers ever! She is such a sweet kid with a big heart. She also did this sheet and drew a picture of her and Daddy:

After lunch, we loaded up kids and suitcases and I handed them off to my mom about halfway to Savannah. They rested up for Camp Meme.

So, it's time for me to make like the freed mama I am and tackle house projects, to-do lists and maybe even read a book! {I made great progress yesterday on Joseph's big boy room!}

Monday, June 16, 2014

pool party

Last Tuesday my small group of girls got together for a pool party. Our kids all go (or went) to the church preschool together. Usually when we meet it's just moms, but since it's summer and we have our kids all day, we decided to get them together for some fun in the sun.

We all chipped in on lunch and ended up having quite the spread! Obviously the kids loved the cookies and popsicles the most. {My two were excited about the juice pouches. I don't buy them at home, and as you can see from the photo below, Joseph didn't want to put his down.}

With everyone's crazy summer/vacation schedules, it was almost miraculous that only one of us couldn't make it. We each have two kids, and they are all between the ages of 0 and 4. {There are a few in the 0-6 months range and Hannah's the oldest at 4 1/2.}

We had a blast and can't wait to do it again! Thanks to Courtney for hosting us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

savannah and ssi

We went to Savannah last week for Joe's annual conference. Since the conference included long hours of sessions, Joe booked a hotel right across the street in downtown Savannah. It was kinda nice being a tourist in your own hometown. We weren't there but two nights, but still had some fun. Hannah and Joseph loved the view of the big bridge from our room.

I took them to Leopold's (a Savannah favorite) for ice cream. My brother, Uncle Will Will, met us there. Afterwards, Hannah performed for the camera outside the Trustees Theatre.

On Tuesday morning, the children followed along behind me as I set out to buy twin beds for the littlest one (post on that to come).

We decided to follow up conference with a little vacation and spent 3 nights in St. Simons. A sweet church member offered us her house and we welcomed the getaway. How could you resist this?

Love the beach cottage charm on a quaint little street. And the house next door…what a dream.

Naturally, we needed to let off some steam so we got unpacked and set off for the playground.

It's a great playground right on the ocean, so there's a nice breeze. Hannah and Joseph had a ball and Joe and I enjoyed the time next to the sea, listening to the music of an impromptu sidewalk concert and watching our kids play from afar. Before leaving for dinner, we walked down the pier where the kids were fascinated by the sights and sounds of all the people fishing.

Wednesday morning we went for a family run. I intended to go an easy three miles, but it was more like six. If you know my husband you would've seen this coming. And he was pushing the stroller…

Our time at the beach was a very pleasant surprise. Everyone had a great time and we lasted over four hours on the sand. That is the longest beach stent in our five-year family history.

We met some good friends from home who were also vacationing. Deana and her girls are always fun to be with. She got some cute shots of the little ones, too…

Hannah, as she always does, made new friends. I can't get over how tall she looks bent over that shovel, and in some of these other pictures.

We ran into Kessler and McFerrin at the frozen yogurt place later that night.

Thursday was another successful day at the beach. Joseph had a big time playing in the waves. Hannah wasn't as interested in the "big ocean" but preferred the "little ocean" - aka, the tide pools.

Other friends of ours were at the beach, too, and we spent both days next to their tent, catching up. Julie and Scott have two boys, "big kids" in our book, but Hannah and Joseph still enjoyed playing with them and watching them to do big kid things. Julie took a family picture of us. The only picture of me…which is why I'm including it here on the blog.

The tide pool got pretty large by day's end. Hannah and Joseph did not want to leave. Joseph had this little game where he threw his water cannon/shooter thing and then set off to get it, only to toss it further. Wasn't a fun game for Momma who was trying to make sure he didn't get too far or fall in water that was almost waist-deep in the center.

I love the happiness on my little boy's face, but I couldn't cut out that little boy on the right with his mouth around a liquor bottle. Can you believe it!? He was just swimming along.

There is a pool at "the pink house" and the cool water was perfect. Joseph didn't get a nap either day, but he did fine and both kids slept well at night, sharing a bed in a room by themselves (yes, they had to be quieted a few times, but eventually they settled down). We also went out to supper a little earlier.

After dinner our second night we walked to pick out dessert at the candy shop in the village. Joe and I tried to get a picture of our sweet children, but one of them wasn't being too sweet.

Still…this is my favorite photo from the whole week:

Before we left on Friday, we stopped for lunch at Southern Soul. The BBQ might be second to none. We were all in the clean plate club. Joseph's facial expressions. Love it.

It was a fun week and our best beach trip yet. I brought my good camera, thinking I might take some posed pictures of brother and sister on the beach or near the lighthouse, but I never even took it out of the bag. What we have, instead, is the above assortment from my phone. Still, I captured the memories.