Sunday, May 26, 2013

sleeping beauty

She didn't want to nap when the rest of us did, so I told her she can just play quietly in the playroom. Upon wakening, this is what I came in to find.

...or is it Beauty and the Beast?

Friday, May 24, 2013

last day of school

Yesterday was the preschool end-of-year program. It was a summer/beach theme and Hannah (top row, third from right), after getting over her initial shyness...

...came out of her shell to stay.

You can watch a clip here:

Preschool, 3-year-old class down. She'll go on to the 4-year-old class next year and then follow that with Pre-K. {Her birthday is a week after the cut-off date, but they've let her bump up at the church preschool since there is such a drastic difference when you are 2 and 3.}

{And I am just realizing that the dress I picked out for her to wear has wales...equals beach theme. Usually I would do something like that on purpose, but it didn't even cross my mind yesterday morning. Awesome.}

Meme left the mountains (and Uncle Pete) long enough to come down to spend the night and watch the program.

Hannah with her teacher, Ms. Kathy:

Joseph with his teacher (and other girlfriend), Ms. Brandi:

Remember the first day of school?

This is today, the last day of school:

My, have we grown!

Monday, May 20, 2013

ready for action

One morning, after getting Hannah dressed for preschool, we stood at her bathroom counter. {I included this picture of her "big girl" hairstyle for a visual. I'm not sure what day this exchange took place.} As I fixed her hair, I asked her how she was feeling or something along those lines, and she answered by quoting one of her favorite shows, "I'm ready for action!" That would be Team Umizoomi, a math-based show that teaches kids all about numbers and shapes in a fun way. Everyone has mighty math powers. It is pretty basic, which we like, and has fun music and characters, which she loves. Introducing Milli, Geo and Bot, little math superheroes:

I was quite surprised by her response to my early-morning question, and impressed by her enthusiasm.

Yesterday was a big day. It was Pentecost, the birthday of the church, celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples (see Acts 2), and also Confirmation at our church. District Conference was also yesterday in a town about 30 min away. I drove the kids separately since Joe had to be there earlier, and about two minutes away from the church, Joseph got carsick. Cleaning up the car (and him) as best as I could in a hurry (thankful that I hadn't dressed him yet), I dropped the kids in the nursery and hurried into the worship service.

Joe was asked to preach, and preach he did. I was proud of him - and humbled at the same time - as he spoke, filled with the Spirit, and with conviction and the authority from Jesus. {Joe is not one who is afraid to step on toes from the pulpit. If it needs to be said, he'll say it.} The text was Acts 2:42-47 and Matthew 25:31-36, and the message was about wasted talent and potential. It was about being a follower (and not a fan) of Christ, living a counter-cultural existence, being "bondservants" to our Lord, helping others, and showing our faith through our words and deeds. He also told this story of Hannah, about being "ready for action". We should all be ready for action in serving God and caring for others. Wouldn't the world be a much better place?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

i like my hat

Meme gave Joseph this hat for Easter. As much as we liked it, he wanted nothing to do with it. He certainly didn't want it on his head. But one day recently he came out of his room wearing it. I took my cue, grabbed the camera, and plopped him on the porch swing. He was in a sweet mood, his sister joined in, they rocked, and I love the pictures that came out of it. A typical Hannah and Joseph moment.

Since this day when he warmed up to the idea of hats, he has worn another plaid one that was a hand-me-down from a friend. In fact, a couple weeks ago, he wore it to school, and it was on his head when I picked him up at noon. Things must happen in their own time, I guess.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

momma's day

My Mother's Day celebration started on Friday. I was greeted at the preschool playground with two excited gift-bearing children. Hannah could barely stand the wait until we could get home and open them up. {What? Wait until it is actually Mother's Day? No way, Jose!} 

Doesn't she look pleased with herself? Inside was this:

A watering can she painted, garden gloves and seeds. Looks like a momma/daughter project!

I got this from Joseph:

Look at these big hands!

My heart melted a little when I read the poem. Walk alongside me, Mommy...

Saturday, we went to a birthday party for Hannah's 5-year-old friend, Sydney. It was at a place called Bojo's, our first party-experience at one of those indoor playground/marshmallow pit/bouncy houses and slides places. Both kids had a grand ole time.

Joseph particularly liked the indoor playground contraption and Joe had to go in there after him so we could leave.

He also enjoyed the marshmallow pit. Well, that's what I call it. I'm not sure what they're called these days.

My kind hubby let me sleep in on Sunday and as I was coming out of the bedroom, I was greeted by three excited little kids, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOMMY!!!!!!!" bearing cards and breakfast in bed (which I ended up eating in the playroom to be with the munchkins).

A pretty, red geranium accompanied eggs with bacon and feta, cinnamon toast, and coffee. Yummmm.

That was the lone bloom on my backporch plants, but that's ok. It was totally worth it. While I was outside taking a picture of it, he was at the backdoor, not happy:

I wanted a picture with my children after church, but didn't get much cooperation.

So then I just tried for one of the kids, thinking maybe the problem was me.

Joseph was busy with Joe's phone and Hannah was being a pouty poot.

One forced smile and we called it quits. Meltdowns ensued and we decided to go home rather than out to lunch. Later in the afternoon things turned around and Hannah and I had our first tea party.

It was a lovely time. The rest of the day was busy, with a book study at the church and the private school's baccalaureate.  Joe was the speaker, and I went along while the kids went to bed. {Joe did great, preaching a message of building a foundation on solid ground, being an original the way God made you, and standing up for your values in a world that is increasingly becoming comfortable with sin.} I, unfortunately, had to leave a screaming Joseph in the hands of our old babysitter, Suzanna (whom he didn't remember), but both kids were sleeping peacefully when we returned home.

All in all, a nice Mother's Day. I am grateful for a husband who makes me feel like a good mom every day and for my own wonderful mom, who is always there for me and my children. To my mom, mother-in-law, aunts, and all the mom-figures in my life, I love you. Praying for a year full of blessings to you!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

mobile uploads

Let me do some catching up mobile upload style. From the phone throughout April:

I could not get over the beauty of the wisteria at this house as I passed by on an afternoon walk with the kids. The house, located on Harris Street, sadly needs some TLC, but look at these flowers!

The azaleas in our yard took forever to bloom, but they finally did the second week of April, the same week as the Masters an hour down the road. 

{Hannah loves "the zalyas", though when she learned the right way to pronounce it, she started correcting me. Sad.}

{I can tell by the ensemble - and sticker - that we flew out the door earlier that afternoon for the doctor.}

That night, after we put the kids to bed, I saw this scene in the playroom:

You may remember the last time I came across a meal with the Swingle Bears.


{We filled the sandbox with soft new sand, much to the little ones' delight.}

{Hannah eats yogurt with sprinkles almost every day. Joseph likes his sprinkle-free.}

{On the backporch swing.}

{Taking Joseph for a birthday spin.}

{Riding the pink car at Wal-Mart. I try not to think about germs.}

{Just out for a walk, one of our favorite things to do.}