Friday, May 28, 2010

hannah and the at first sight.

Yesterday, Hannah and I went to Wally World to pick up some necessities: hand sanitizer, soap, and a new watch band for me (the last was literally hanging on by a tiny piece of plastic). However as always we come home with more than we had on the list (insert smart aleck remark from Joe). Must-haves, obviously. I decided Hannah desperately needed this cute little baby pool. She totally agreed.

Here is the cutie in the shopping cart.

Oh, and I have to tell you this little story: we use this shopping cart/high chair cover to protect her from nasty germs (and because I'm somewhat of a recovering germaphobe). Public shopping carts and high chairs gross me out. I am trying to get better... So here I am scoping out the baby pool selection, and I look over and find Hannah teething on the handlebar. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Completely thwarting my efforts to keep her from being contaminated.

So, we head home and ask Daddy to blow up the pool (Mommy has never been good at this sort of thing. I was the kid that couldn't ever blow up a balloon because of my lung capacity due to asthma.) I am amazed as I watch Joe. To me he says, "Honey, parents have been doing this for years."

The end result: this adorable giraffe pool, complete with rattles and toys! Clever. I am quite sure, this is the cutest one I ever did see.

So what did Hannah think??? She LOVED it. I was expecting some kind of trepidation, maybe she'd be a little scared. Not one little bit. She had a great time playing with all the attachments (again, clever). She wanted to chew on everything of course, and went face-first several times trying to pick up her stacking cups like she was bobbing for apples. I don't know who had more fun - her or me! Daddy came home before long to find us in the backyard playing.

I couldn't decide what pictures to post...

Time to get out...
Daddy storing the pool til next time!

Some videos!

Leadership Georgia

Joe and I were honored to participate in Leadership Georgia in 2007. We were engaged when Joe was nominated and started the program as newlyweds. It was truly an incredible experience - learning about our state and meeting lots of amazing people. Our weekend programs included visits to Brasstown Valley, Milledgeville, St. Simons Island, Elberton, and Savannah.

The 2010 LGA class recently visited Vidalia. Joe and I were excited to attend the "Onion Stomp" last Friday night as alumni. We had a great time catching up with friends.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We have this great video recorder and I've filmed lots of videos of Hannah - doing everything from eating to bouncing, and laughing to crawling. However. I'm not great about uploading them, converting them and taking the necessary steps to post them. So, continue to bear with me while I figure this out.

the fake cry. and she's got it down pat.

hannah's new laugh.

playtime with mollie - 5.22.10

hannah yoga. what can i say? i love it.

stages of the crawl

Hannah started pre-crawl motions more than a month ago. We'd say, "She's about to crawl!!!" and get the camera rolling. Then she'd sit back up, roll over, or just rock back and forth on her hands and knees. Once she figures out that she actually gets somewhere when she crawls, she'll really be on the move.

Here's her journey on her way to crawling:

Monday, May 24, 2010


what's better than my own teething drool toys? mommy's watch, of course.

banana girl.

storytime with daddy.

family time.

mommy and hannah in savannah

A couple weeks ago Hannah and I were in Savannah while Daddy was in North Carolina. We celebrated Mother's Day with Grandma, had breakfast with Granddaddy, went out to Moon River to visit Gran Gran and Poppy, and went to Hannah's first birthday party (she slept through most of it, but that's ok). Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Acting up on the changing table at Bonefish. Dessert came while Banana and I were in the restroom cleaning up a big mess. Have I mentioned before that I dislike public changing tables? Even more though, I dislike when restaurants (and STARBUCKS) don't have them. Well, at least this one was clean. I love the changing mat attached to my diaper bag. (Best diaper bag ever.)

...with Uncle Ben and Katie.

Helping Mom with Mother's Day cards for Grandma.


Birthday party for Andrew Wilkes!

So happy to be home and see Daddy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

banana in white and blue

just some pictures to get you through the day...they are actually from a couple weeks ago. i love this white outfit from my half-sister, angie. when she gave it to me at my baby shower in savannah, she said she wanted to give hannah an outfit that would be " something you would wear." right on, ang, i WANT these pants. and i would definitely accessorize with blue jewelry. i'm thinking of the perfect earrings right now... :)