Sunday, October 30, 2011


How about a post of pictures of what's been happening around here?


I frequently carry around two babies.

My shoes for Ben and Katie's wedding came in the mail. Hannah liked them.

Lately I've been bathing the kids at the same time. With Joseph still being so small, I opt for keeping him in the infant tub. And yes, it's pink.

We had visitors...

...and Hannah and Joseph got to meet their cousin, Liam.

Last weekend, I stayed home with the kids, while Joe attended the work day at the church. By Saturday, Hannah was feeling much better but needed to wait out the 24-hr no-fever period.

...and Joseph teethed.

Speaking of the little guy, look what he can do:

He's sitting up!

Now he's not sure what to do in his bouncy seat and swing. He sits up and looks around. In the swing, he'll rock himself. Which is why I'm thinking it's time to take that thing down.

If you look closely you can see he's showing you his two bottom teeth too.

Still not a fan of solid foods, but Mommy and Daddy are not giving up.

There's more, but that's it for tonight...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

something different

I want to change the header of this blog, but haven't figured out what I want to do, so how about this for now?

I cropped a photo of the flowers Joe delivered to me the week of our anniversary.

He came to the front door, rang the doorbell and all. Such the romantic...Aren't they beautiful?

By the way, we had dinner at 700 Drayton, the restaurant at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah. We left the grandkids with Grandma for a night out.

I had to leave Hannah in the picture...

I love this restaurant. The food is excellent and the decor is fabulous. I had my bridesmaids luncheon there.

Side story - The restaurant part of the hotel was actually a funeral home for Fox and Weeks. My aunt married one of the funeral directors, a Weeks. His dad, also a funeral director, who we call Anddaddy, was like a grandfather to me. {In fact, Joe and I had our wedding dinner and dance under a tent in the yard of his house on the water at Isle of Hope in Savannah. He was excited to offer his house for the event, but sadly did not make it to see our wedding day. We loved him and miss him dearly.}

So, we had a nice anniversary. You may know that Joe and I exchange traditional anniversary gifts. The first year it was paper, the second it was cotton, and so on. The fifth year is wood. In lieu of individual gifts we decided we were going to buy something together - perhaps a piece of furniture. I looked while I was at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta a few weeks ago, but made no decision. We hope to find something special to mark five years of wedded bliss.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

sick monkey

Hannah has been sick and yesterday she stayed home from preschool. Other than some periods of whining, she doesn't act sick so it's hard to tell how she feels. Today has been much better. Hopefully the fever will stay away.

Hannah and Dr. Jennifer:

My cousin, "Aunt" Trudie, sent Hannah this surprise. She knows Hannah likes to dress up.

Thank you Aunt Trudie! {Trudie, who by the way is in and out of the hospital dealing with infections caused during mouth/jaw surgery, is always thinking of others.} We had one excited little girl.

Yesterday I brought out the camera when she wanted to be a monkey again.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10 years old

Today Chloe is 10 years old. My mom gave her to me for Christmas in 2001. She went to college at Georgia Tech, hung out at the sorority house, and lived with me in an off-campus apartment. She and I moved in first with my brother, Will, in 2003 and then with my brother, Ben (and Joe and Lily the boxers), in 2004. For 4 years she lived in Atlanta, met lots of friends, and was even lost twice. She moved with me back to Savannah in 2005 to go to graduate school. She met Mollie when Joe and I started dating. She and I moved in with Joe and Mollie when we got married and lived in Ardsley Park for 2 years. She moved to Jesup with us in 2008, and lived there 3 years. In that time she welcome a human sister (2009) and a human brother (2011). In June of this year, she moved with us to Sandersville. She's had an eventful 10 years and she's traveled across the country. She's been so much a part of my life, it's hard to remember life before her.

Right now Chloe is with Grandma and Spenser in Savannah. She has always been an anxious dog and since we added another baby to the family, things have been a little rough. My mom offered to take her for a while. I feel like a really bad mom. I just can't give her the time and attention she needs or have the patience. She goes beserk if someone knocks on the door or she hears a noise outside, waking the babies. I love her, but for now she's on vacation... It really is like vacation being with Grandma. She hangs out on the sofa, gets table scraps, and sleeps on the bed. I hate that she has anxiety. Joe and I are thinking this would help. The Thundershirt. Things are starting to calm down around here now that we're settled (both in the new house and town and with Joseph). Maybe it's time for her to come home. Poor thing...Momma does love you Chlo.

We skyped her tonight and Hannah sang Happy Birthday. I hear she was spoiled today in Savannah. That makes me happy...

Addition: My mom sent me a picture of Chloe with her birthday cake. Now that's a pretty cupcake. Notice the fork. Hmmmm...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

that's hilarious

I am loving this age with Hannah. She's picking up on things so quickly and learning new words. We are actually having conversations with her and can understand her when she wants something. For example night before last she told Joe and me, "I'd be really happy if I could have my milk." Parents of toddlers like me know how nice it is when you are finally able to communicate. And sometimes she just says things like this (last week while Joe was drying her off after a bath):

H:  I want to get married.
J:  Uh...ok. Who do you want to marry?
H:  I want to marry Daddy (as she nods her head with emphasis when she says "Daddy").

Truth me told, she is a daddy's girl.

Friday, we had this conversation:

me:  Did Mrs. Connie change your diaper today at preschool?
H:  Yes.
me:  Was it poopy?
H:  Yes.........That's hilarious.

We are not sure she knows what that means exactly, but she says it a lot. So we must say it a lot as well. "Hi-lar-we-us." That's a big word. She also talks about the trampoline (champ-o-leen) and hospital (hos-sa-bi-dal). I love the pronunciations.

Speaking of trampoline. She and Grandma had a good time jumping this weekend in Savannah.

She talks to Joseph and tells him all sorts of things. She has conversations with her toys and dolls too. She will talk for several minutes straight, and at least half of it I can't comprehend. I overheard this in the car the other day (talking to a teddy bear). "You need to learn to listen.......say yes ma'am. Thank you for saying yes ma'am." Oh goodness...

Update on Joseph:  We had a good visit today with Dr. Jennifer. Other than the tears that come with immunizations, he did fine. Hopefully we can get past the reflux era soon.

Weight: 15 lbs 14 ounces (25%)
Length: 28" long (90%)
Head circumference: 17 3/4" (<90%). 

Long and lean.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

half a year

Six months ago today I had my little guy. Each day seems to fly by and all of a sudden he is half a year old. He started babbling a few weeks ago.

He will look at me and start babbling and then grin. It melts a momma's heart...or a daddy's. He's gotten his first two teeth, also in the last few weeks. He loves to stand, bounce and jump. We brought out the jumperoo and johnny jump-up recently. It's so funny watching him. Tomorrow we have his well visit, so not sure his current stats. He's still having reflux and on medicine for that. Other than that, he's doing great. He is my cuddle bunny. And he loves to be held. In fact, I might hold him too much. Nah...

I sat him on the porch swing this afternoon. I took a bunch of pictures, but he wasn't too interested in me.

I love him to pieces.

Friday, October 14, 2011

five years

Five years ago today I married the man of my dreams.

The past five years, on our anniversary, we have put on our wedding clothes, Joe in his uniform and me in my dress, and danced the waltz to Moon River as we did on October 14, 2006.

Married one year.

{On vacation at Palmetto Bluff in 2008.}

{Happy, but tired parents of a one-month old in, my dress is not zipped all the way!}

{Expecting our second child in 2010.}


It has been an incredible five years. We are blessed beyond measure. God is so good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

six and oh

Can I start by saying I love this fall weather? I love everything about fall. And our fall is c-r-a-z-y busy. This past week Joe had a conference in Atlanta. I decided to join him up there with the kids. It was a full three days, visiting family {can't believe I didn't take any pictures} and shopping. {I loaded the kids in the stroller and went to Scott's Antique Market both Thursday and Friday. They were troupers.}

Friday night Hannah got to sit in the Rumble Seat and meet Buzz. But she liked seeing the cheerleaders best.

Saturday we took the kids to the game. Yes, both kids, and they did great!

Thanks to Julie and Steve, we had seats on the 50-yd line. Didn't matter one bit to Hannah though...

...and Joseph slept half the game.

But we enjoyed them. Hannah did too at half time.

She loves to yell "GO TECH!" She cheers for GT anytime she sees football on TV, which, as you know, happens a lot at our house. It was Joseph's first game. Obviously he didn't really know what was going on, but he sure did like all the noise...and Hannah's pom pom.

The Yellow Jackets are now 6-0 and ranked 12th, which is really awesome. It also makes me really nervous.