Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the answer is...

Before I head towards bed, there is one more thing I wanted to post. Uncle Will Will and Soon-to-be Aunt Crystal sent Alligator Wedding books accompanied with cute little alligators to Hannah and Joseph. Inside Hannah's was a special note asking her to be their flowergirl, and in Joseph's, a note asking him to be their ringbearer. I tried desperately to get them to pose for a quick picture with their alligators, but it was not happening. Here's a taste of what I got:

But what really matters is - the answer is: YES! We want to be in your wedding Uncle Will Will and Aunt Crystal and we are very excited. Thank you for asking! P.S. - We like the book, too. :)

{Hopefully they will cooperate more during the ceremony...}


Sunday, was the fall festival and trunk-or-treat at the church. {I took lots of pictures so I tried to condense with some collages.} We had a grand ol' time.

We attempted face painting.

We jumped and ran around in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse jump thing.

Joseph didn't care for it much, but he liked watching Hannah from the safety of Meme's arms.

We played with bubbles... Again, Joseph's favorite thing.

Then we scared Mommy and went down the big (BIG) slide. All by herself. She took her shoes off, crawled up on the thing and started climbing the stairs. Without even a pause, she slid down. I didn't even have time to get my camera in position, much less stop her! She looked terrified, but thankfully did just fine and wanted to have a go at it again. This time I was ready:

 And then she decided, again all on her own, that she was going to do the obstacle course.

She needed help here,

but I was impressed. Joseph acted like maybe he wanted to give it a try...

...but that didn't last long.

We did a race theme for the trunk-or-treat. Joe was the race director, I was the runner, and Joseph...

was a traffic cone. Homemade costume, thank you very much.

Hannah was a bumble bee because that's what she wanted to be.

 The whole team.

To go with our theme, we handed out Capri Sun flavored water instead of candy.

Joseph with Nana Anna:

The cone took a beating, but I was happy it stayed on him for so long. The trial run at home didn't last more than a minute.

And there you have it: our second trunk-or-treat.

When we got home, Hannah decorated spider cupcakes.

She was proud of her work, adding eyes and legs.

On Monday, the kids found Halloween packages in the mailbox from Meme. They were very excited (as they always are when they get mail) and Joseph did not want to put his down, to the point that he tripped up the steps coming inside and hit his mouth. He was not letting go of his surprise!

It's been quite a Halloween celebration so far.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

georgia tech homecoming

Friday afternoon, my mom arrived in town to stay with Joseph, and Joe and I took Hannah to Atlanta for the GT Homecoming festivities. Friends of ours offered us their house in Midtown to use as our own which was awesome and very convenient. We had dinner at Flip Burger Boutique and then went to Atlantic Station where Hannah saw Buzz and the cheerleaders, both very exciting. The cheerleaders all walked right past her and she was very shy in a cheerleading outfit of her own. She was speechless. She got a picture with Buzz and thought he was the silliest thing ever when he dove into the train. Then she got to sit in the rumble seat and talk to one of the cheerleaders. Fun night.

Saturday, Joe and I both ran in the morning and then took Hannah to breakfast at The Flying Biscuit. In the afternoon, we went to campus for the homecoming game.

Hannah watched the band warm up by the Campanile.

Hannah and Leah:

Hannah and Carrie:

One of the boys.

It was very windy and a little chilly.

The game itself was awful. This has been such a hard year to be a GT fan. But fans we are, win or lose.

Joseph and Meme had a great time and he was even happy the whole time. I'm not sure whether to believe Mom when she tells me he barely cried. That's not the teething, 18-month-old I know about. But I'm glad they had a good time while we were gone. We missed our 4th team member, though it was so nice having that time with just Hannah.

preschool fall festival

The kids had their Halloween fall festival at the preschool on Friday. There were individual classroom parties at which they were loaded up with sugar. {More sugar on one plate than Joseph has ever seen in his life.} And then we went outside for the activities. Hannah enjoyed the games, candy selection, and playground. Joseph played a game or two, got a tattoo on his hand, and thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles. By the end of it, he was covered in the stuff. Bath followed at home...

When Joe got home, the kids took turns driving up the driveway...It's a big deal at our house.