Friday, March 30, 2012

the 'zaleas

Last weekend the azaleas in our yard were in full bloom. Hannah loves to look at "the 'zaleas". I kid you not, when we went to get dressed we all picked out our clothes separately (excluding Joseph) but we totally matched the flowers in the backyard. I found it necessary to take a family picture on my beloved porch swing.

Bees were everywhere, but I did see this one butterfly:

The bushes along the side of the house (which are normally out-of-control):

After nap, Hannah worked on her golf game.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

eleven months

Somehow my baby is becoming a little boy right before my eyes. He's changing so fast...

He is crawling - so fast and all over the place. He's pulling up and standing at Hannah's kitchen and the little piano, at the coffee table, and pretty much anywhere else. He's cruising around and he'll take steps while we hold his hands. He can entertain himself for a long time in the playroom - with or without Hannah.

He sleeps so good. He's sleeping around 12 hours at night and taking a morning and afternoon nap lasting around an hour and a half.

I am still nursing him. We have just begun to start the weaning process. I cannot believe how well this breastfeeding relationship has gone. I've said it a thousand times, but I'll say it again: After all the problems I had in the 7 months of nursing Hannah, this has been such a blessing. He is a champ. While part of me is ready to wean him, part of me is a little sad. Four times a day I get to hold him and snuggle while he eats. Guess I'll just have to hold him while he has his sippy cup...until he's walking and too interested in other things to cuddle with mommy.

He is not a big fan of baby food, but will usually eat carrots and sweet potatoes. He likes to eat whatever we're eating, and whatever Hannah gives him. Cereal, crackers, bread, pancakes, and bananas are all favorites. I assure you though, he eats more than starches. He likes other fruit, too. And soup.

He has eleven teeth now. Like Hannah, he has gotten a lot of teeth pretty fast, but unlike Hannah who got them all two or four at a time symmetrically, Joseph gets one here, two there, one here...

Joe and I are constantly amazed at the similarities and differences between our two kids. They were very different babies and they have their own high-maintenance issues, but they both are great sleepers, love bath time, are independent during playtime, love to be outside, and thrive on routine. And they both sure give me something to smile about and be thankful for every day.

The Easter decorations are out and we're getting in the spirit...


For a frame of reference, this was Joseph last year as a newborn, outfit way too big (left), and Hannah wearing the same outfit the year before when she was seven months old (right).

Friday, March 23, 2012

shades of green

We spent a few days in Savannah for St. Patrick's Day. The weather was gorgeous and the city filled with  azaleas in bloom (unfortunately a big dose of pollen, too). By Thursday I was over a stomach bug and ready to play. We took the kids for a picnic in Forsyth Park so Hannah could see the fountain with green water.

Saturday we went downtown for the parade. It was a record-setting year. I'm not sure of the final number, but they were estimating it to be the biggest celebration in the city's history and the biggest parade in the world. Hannah was thrilled to be in that parade too. The four of us rode with Joe's parents on the Board of Education float (Joe III is president of the school board). The news cameras captured it all and you can see it here. Joseph was passed out sound asleep in Joe's arms as we passed the cameras, but it was neat nevertheless. After all, we had Joe Buck III, IV, and V riding on a float for Joseph's first St. Patrick's Day.

Thanks to Will for taking pictures of us as we came around LaFayette Square.

Monday, March 12, 2012

too much

I mean....

...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. "Yay! How 'bout that?!"

She's very helpful and makes sure Joseph always has things to play with, even if they are my things.

Hannah is a fantastic big sister.

Right now we are potty training. We're making progress. She went on her little potty months ago and a time or two since, but it wasn't until last week when she decided for herself that it was time. I'm not sure if she's more excited to run go tell Daddy (or Momma), or if it's the m&m's, but she is definitely proud of herself. Last week, while at a church lunch, she exclaimed to the table, "I went on Daddy's big girl potty!!!" That would be the restroom in Joe's office. And that would be the first time she went on a real toilet.  She's doing great.

She is not napping though. I'm hearing both kids on the monitor, one crying and the other singing. So I'm cutting this blog post short.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

while the kids nap...

Hi. I am having a hard time with words lately. Sometimes writing comes more easily than others. I thought about posting many times but I've just not gotten to it. I also don't want to sit down at the computer. And actually, that's one of my Lenten things: less time at the computer. It's working, and I like it. I'm getting things done around the house and playing a lot with the kiddos. I sit down occasionally and read magazines. Well, at least when I'm nursing baby boy. Why is it that I feel guilty when I just sit and read? Yesterday, Joseph napped for over two hours. {Let me just say that never happens.} Instead of sitting in front of my computer wasting time, I did an hour and a half of yoga. {It's part of the P90X system and is a serious workout.} I don't know when was the last time I got to exercise for that long. Thank you, Joseph.

That perfect day of warm sunshiny weather we had at the end of last week was lovely. I went outside every chance I got. Hannah decided to have her afternoon milk here:

I think her swing set might be her favorite place. Girl after my own heart. I liked watching her have her reflection time. I wonder what she was thinking about... Once finished with milk, we swung. Swang. What's the past tense of swing?

Joseph enjoyed it too. And you see Mollie? She needed a bath real bad, so we bathed her later. Joe had a conference to go to so Friday and Saturday it was just us. I cleaned and organized. I manage to get more accomplished when Joe is out of town. I'm not sure why that is. I mean, I actually have to cook and take care of the kids solo when he's gone...

This little guy is all over the place, and despite the toys I have within his reach, he prefers to go after mommy's magazines, plants, and other stuff. {Another one of Uncle Ben/Uncle Will Will's outfits.}

He actually likes to crawl on my new seagrass rug. Go figure...

Foreground: Mollie post-bath.

Background: Joseph playing with Hannah's kitchen. While the cat's away...

How is your Lent going? A couple weeks ago during my morning devotion time I read something that I've not been able to forget:

"The love we show matters more than the good we only talk about." 

Wow... Doesn't that make you stop and think? It did me. I jotted it down and put it on our refrigerator. I wrote it in my journal. And I've committed it to memory. I think it's easy to get stuck in the "I pray, and go to church, and read my Bible..." routine without really letting God transform your life. One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 1:27 "Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." I might have said that somewhere before, but it bears repeating. How's that for a Lenten goal? I know I've got some work to do...