Thursday, January 30, 2014

let it snow

When we see snow in the forecast, we get pretty excited down here in the South. The whole world pretty much stops and it's just together time at home playing. Occasionally we are not prepared, things get chaotic, and we embarrass ourselves on the national news (as happened in Atlanta this time), but quite frankly this is not something the South is used to.

Tuesday night it was suppose to start snowing. Hannah could barely contain her excitement. Alas at 8pm when she went to bed there was no snow...just freezing rain. Joe and I were sitting on the sofa and could hear when the rain turned into sleet. After a while, it got quiet.

We opened the front door to see beautiful snow falling.

This is what the backyard looked liked when we went to bed:

And when we woke up, it looked like this:

And this little girl was speechless.

So we bundled up and headed outside to run around and play.

Pajamas and rain boots are ok, right?

...and socks on Joseph's hands because I couldn't find his gloves?

Hannah did not know what to make of her swing set...

Even Raffie got to enjoy the snow.

Joe taught the kids how to make snowballs and throw them at me. Very nice... But you know what they say about payback right? He got his!

We built snow people.

Bitty's hat for the girl and Joseph's for the boy. Junior mints for eyes. Joe called to my attention that our snow people did not have mouths... Oops. It was cold, is all I can say. Size of the snowman matters not. We were just excited to say we made one...two, actually!

Joseph did some cleaning...

and then we went inside to thaw out. A little while later, we set out for more fun...

And then we decided to go for a little drive to see Sandersville in the snow.

That's our church above... Sandersville UMC.

Hannah and Joseph liked looking at the preschool playground covered in snow.

We spent the rest of our time indoors, looking at the snow periodically from the playroom where we cuddled and played in front of a fire much of the day. {I did do some closet cleaning-out, committed to my goal of organizing and de-cluttering this house.} In the afternoon we made popcorn and watched Lady and the Tramp. It was a really good day. We are thankful for the blessing of a warm house when so many, even in our small town, don't have even that.

School was closed again today. Hopefully (for their sake and mine!) tomorrow they can go back. It's suppose to be 68 degrees on Sunday. Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

goodbye, friends

And by goodbye, I only mean I took down our Christmas cards that have so beautifully lined our walls for the last couple of months.

Last year they lined the dining room. This year they took over the living room, too. Apparently more people have jumped on the photo card train. Yay, I love it.

I am grateful for all of you...and a deep chair rail! I have loved loved loved looking at our friends and family throughout the day. I will miss seeing your faces, but the chair rail is becoming dusty...

And all good things must come to an end.

Til next year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

the weekend

My mom came in town for the weekend. She took us to eat where they "cook on the table" - you know, a Japanese steakhouse. We had a good time, though Joseph wasn't sure about the fire.

{Picture on the left: he's good. Picture on the right: not so sure.}

After dinner in Milledgeville (which, you know, is where we have to go if we want something other than pizza, Mexican or Waffle House), Meme took the babies home and Joe and I went to see a movie. Yes, a date! Our first movie in over a year. We saw Lone Survivor. Very good and very intense. If you are not aware, or need reminding (as most of us probably do), of the sacrifices of our military, see it!

I finished writing birthday and Christmas thank-you notes. I know, overdue. But definitely one of those times when it's better late than never. I love stationery and a handwritten note. I am a southern girl and that's how my momma raised me. Hannah and Joseph included original artwork in their notes.

We had a "tea party" with special cookies Meme brought from California.

The tea party continued later, over candlelight.

The stitching started coming out on my new slippers. I wear them all the time...but only for the last 4 weeks. I am annoyed.

There are times when I stay in my pajamas a good portion of the day. Saturday, I never left them. Reiterate: never. I had my morning coffee and my evening glass of wine all in the same attire. Is that bad? If it is, oh well. It sure was nice. We had a lovely day! 

The preschool performed at church yesterday. My two practiced quite a bit, singing "What a Mighty God We Serve" and "Deep and Wide" - or if you're Joseph: deep-ee wide. He might have gotten caught up in the hand motions a little bit, but both kids were very proud of themselves.

And they were pretty darn cute.

Had to sneak a picture of the children's sermon...

Last night we made a snowman. In Cincinnati. On FaceTime with Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie. From start to finish.

It's technically a snowwoman, or snowperson, as Hannah named her Katelin. {Note to Julie: Hannah tells me today that she chose the name because "That's MJ's little sister!" Guess we need to change the spelling to Catelin with a C then!}

Ben and Katie sent us pictures for real:

We got a tour of the snowy backyard. We saw the frozen creek and watched Aunt Katie on the sled and Wilson run around in all the snow. We enjoyed a winter wonderland from the comfort (and warmth!) of our sofa. 

And now...WE have snow in the forecast. I will be shocked, but it certainly would be fun for the kiddos to see it in their own backyard. The temperature needs to start coming down. My phone says it is currently 61 degrees!