Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Where, you say?

Zihuatanejo is on the Pacific coast of Mexico, south near Acapulco. It is a fishing village; not a big place and not commercialized, which is why we like it. We went on our honeymoon and said we'd be back in five years. And we were. Five years and seven months to be exact, two moves, and two kids later.

It was my first time away from Joseph, and a year and a half since I'd had a break from kids. Let's just say it was much-needed and much-anticipated.

We watched the sunset every night as we ate dinner with our toes in the sand. I know....rough.

We Skyped the kids every day for a little bit. Hannah liked to see the pretty flowers on our pillows.

We ate. And ate. Home of the best guacamole I've ever had, served at our little table on the beach.

Due to the fishing being so good, we ate fresh-caught fish every day. I had this yellowfin sushimi for lunch one day on the beach. 

We went into town briefly one afternoon to buy some souvenirs for the kiddos.

Great trip. It was different this time around, more having to do with us than the resort. I told people when we got back that I think it was different because we are different. On our honeymoon there was no thought of what was going on back home. This time, we thought a lot about what was back home. Every time we saw a little native girl run down the beach, or a baby boy playing on the sand with his parents, we thought of Hannah and Joseph. We missed them, and wished at times they were there. {At very brief times...We know how relaxing a vacation is with little ones.}

My mom came to stay at our house so Hannah could go to preschool and there would be minimal disruption from routine. We left before the kids woke up on a Monday morning and came home after the kids went to bed on Friday night, so it was close to a week without seeing them, but we had these signs (and more decorations waiting for us):

Thanks again Mom, and Mama and Daddy Buck for helping make our trip possible!

Monday, May 28, 2012

most of may

Last night I attempted the monumental task of posting everything from the month of May. Not sure what I was thinking; three hours later I gave up. A more logical approach would be to break it up into several posts. Anyway...we've had a busy May.

1. We ran our first 5K as a family.

Joe won first in the masters division, which is 40 and over. He felt old, but a run time of 18:50 pushing a double stroller is pretty impressive anyway if you ask me.

2. Joe and I went to Mexico. {Pictures next post.}

3. I celebrated my third Mother's Day. It was also infant recognition at the church. As we were at the front of the church and everyone started clapping, Joseph clapped for himself too. It was a very low-key day, the highlight being when all four of us got to nap in the afternoon.

4. We went to Peachtree City for Joe to race in the USA Triathlon Southeastern Regional Championships. He finished the international (olympic) distance third in his age group with a time of 2:21:25, qualifying him for USAT Nationals.

Package pick-up and checking out transition.

GO JOE makes another appearance in Peachtree City.

Joseph fell asleep during the bike and didn't wake up for the finish...or for anything else for that matter.

Hannah kept watch near the finish line.

Sarah, Betsy, Betsy's mom, Liam, PJ, and Lyndsey joined us to cheer Joe on.


5. Hannah finished her first year of preschool with an end-of-year program.

We love Ms. Connie.

6. We've spent a lot of time outside.

Before we went on our trip, Hannah and I had a special afternoon together. I'm not even sure we left the back porch.


First pedicure.

Every day, usually around 5 o'clock, the fussiness level starts to rise in this house. If there is one thing I can rely on during the witching hour (and yes, there is such a thing), it is the red wagon. Sanity saver.

7. Joe's friend from Australia, Grant, and his son came to visit while they were in the states. {Congratulations to Grant who graduated with his DMin!} Joe went down to show them a little of Savannah, then they came to Sandersville. Hannah liked that Jake would play with her in the backyard. He seemed to have unlimited energy.

May has been full and now we are ready for the lazy (and not-so-lazy) days of summer.