Thursday, May 3, 2012

birthday boy

On Wednesday, April 18th, we celebrated Joseph's first birthday. Hannah was sick so we didn't leave the house. But, before Joe had to head back to the church, we did sing and Joseph had a cupcake.

His sister wanted to be very involved in the candle-blowing...

...but then she was disgusted by his messiness.


Yay for Joseph!

Hannah helped him open his presents...

He got his own Pat The Bunny book. {More of that to come.}

He was pretty excited about the new Pookie book.

I was surprised how much he liked his giraffe. It's not a toy, but a bookend I saw on Serena and Lily a while ago and wanted to get for his room. It's still in the living room, though, where he likes it.

And just for fun, Joseph's first year:

As soon as I have time to sort through all the pictures, I will post about his birthday party.

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