Monday, August 25, 2014


Joe and I went to a conference in Plano last week. Meme came to babysit and conquered the first week of balancing the school schedules. {We flew out Monday afternoon, making sure we had enough time to take Joseph out for pizza on his first day of school.} She also had the fun of a power outage AND cleaning up after the little boy got sick in the car. The conference itself was great (glad I went along) and we learned a lot, but we also enjoyed a few days away. We ate good and did a little sightseeing. Great trip.

After reading Bill O'Reilly's Killing Kennedy, I was glad to get the chance to visit Dealey Plaza, the location where Kennedy was assassinated.

There are plaques and signs denoting key areas, making the scene from 50 years ago come to life. The Texas School Book Depository is the building on the right in the photo above. It was concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rifle from the sixth floor (square window at the end, visible above).

The stone pedestal in the photo above was where Abraham Zapruder stood. He was the only photographer known to have filmed the entire assassination.

The X on the street below is where JFK was when the shots were fired.

After our history lesson, we ate dinner at Javier's, an authentic gourmet Mexican restaurant in downtown Dallas. We didn't realize we needed reservations, so we took a seat at the bar - which actually ended up being a great place to sit. Fabulous atmosphere and delicious food. Highly recommend if you are ever in the area!

Our second morning we went for a run. The sky was beautiful but the point of the pictures below were to share with the kids. They love things like big water towers and electrical wires.

We FaceTimed every day. Joseph doesn't stay still (and actually makes you nauseous to talk to), but his sister is always good for a smile.

We brought home souvenirs from Cavender's.

And Meme sent us pictures…

We got home late Thursday night. There were little pink and blue footprints telling us where to go…

Monkey stayed up waiting for us, of course.

The next day, both little ones were very excited when they opened their "real" cowboy boots.

Friday, August 22, 2014

the little guy

I had this post mostly done but forgot to publish it. Joe and I went out of town and I just realized. Oops. Behold, some cute pictures of my little guy (and one of his sister)… 

At the end of last week, as I was putting Joseph down for a nap, he told me he didn't need a nap. "I not tired… I not seepy!!"

Thursday, I heard him talking and playing quietly in his room over the monitor. After a while I noticed it got really quiet. Didn't see him in his bed on the monitor so I went in his room (a little concerned: when my little boy is quiet it often means he is up to no good) and found him like this:

Same story last Friday. Joe found him like this:

But he did have an exciting morning. Meeting his teacher and checking out his new classroom at preschool open house.

Monday was his first day of school.

He wanted to take his own picture but I made sure to get mine first.

Hannah had her first show-and-tell last Friday. The letter of the week was H. I'm not sure why they started on H, but there probably is a good reason. She put together a picture of cut-outs she found in a catalog for hat, hair, horse, drew a heart, and traced her hand. Then she took "Lila" her little FAO Schwarz horse "from her uncles" to show the class. She was really excited when I dropped her off.

Her letter this week was B. She brought in Buzz, her yellow jacket. First H, then B. It is just coincidence that those are her initials. Go figure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

cowgirl hannah

I took Hannah to a birthday party this weekend out on a horse farm. To say she had fun is an understatement. As "fancy" and girly as she is, she definitely has some country in her, too. I'm sure I can thank small-town Georgia life for that. Oftentimes, the little twang that comes out is evident enough. But she loves a farm.

She was excited to see her preschool friend, Addy, and they had a great time running around seeing the animals and learning how to lasso.

She was all about riding that horse. Begged to ride again and again.

And she did - ride again and again.

She told me while on the hayride that she wanted to "buy a farm". Buy a farm. Love it. She likes being around animals and wasn't afraid to pet or talk to anything. She opened the gate and walked right into the goat pen with all the boys (and a couple of other fearless girls) as the boys were riling up the goats, causing trouble.

After "one more ride" I rounded up my little cowgirl and we headed home to see the boys.

You can watch snippets from the party here:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

first day of big school!

Yesterday was Hannah's first day of pre-k. I'm beside myself looking at these pictures. My heart is walking around outside of my body…and now being carried off to big school.

She wrote this sign all by herself (except for the year) and I framed it with one of the white frames that hangs in her room, using wrapping paper as a mat. This frame, and the four other ones like it, hung in her nursery, too.

It's going to be a tradition. Each year she will design her own "1st day of" sign and we will put it in this frame. {Joe and my mom helped me come up with the idea. I must share credit.}

So, when I say big school - I am referring to BIG SCHOOL. Not just in size and number of students, but also in the big fact that she is now there all day.  My sweet baby girl, who is not such a baby anymore is now away from me every weekday from 7:45 until 3:00. That may not seem like anything significant, like say to all my working-mom friends who often have to go all day without seeing their child. But it is a big adjustment for me. I've been home with her for almost 5 years, minus a few hours in the morning during the preschool year. I've loved our time together while Joseph sleeps in the afternoon. And this summer has been so great!

Joe and I held her hands, walking her through the busy halls to her classroom. Her classmates were just lining up to head to breakfast. We started making our way out, stopping in the hall out of sight to watch her walk by single-file. We also spied on her after we got outside through the lunchroom windows for a bit. Yes…we were those parents.

I saw a status on Facebook recently making fun of all the emotional parents who are first timers sending their kids to school. And to that, I say - you know what? I love my kids. I've loved being at home with them. And, while it's really nice to have some time to myself, this is a big change. She is my firstborn, and this all-day school thing is a big deal. It makes me realize how quickly the time goes by and just how grown she is. So if I am a little emotional about it, then I think that's quite appropriate! And if I barely made it to the car before the tears spilled onto my cheeks, so what?!

Really, I am ok. This is a milestone in the life of our little family but one we are ready for. And, as I told a friend who was checking on me via text message, I've got Joseph, so I'm not exactly free yet! Preschool starts in a week and a half, and then I'll have my mornings open again. Truth be told, I am sentimental, but I'm also totally excited about Hannah being in school and love the fact that it's a full day program. I think she'll learn and grow so much this year. I think I will, too.

Joe and I picked the monkey up from school on Monday and took her to the Dairy Lane for an ice cream cone with sprinkles. {Joseph stayed home with Meme, who came in town for the special day and to allow Joe and I to have time with just Hannah. For that I am thankful.}

And now we're 3 days in. She's loving it! After holding our hands on Monday walking into school, yesterday she took off and I had to keep telling her to slow down. She couldn't wait to get to her classroom! I am so proud of her for being so brave, in a new place with a whole lot of new people. She is a sweetheart, and I know she'll make friends fast.

She has been excited to come home, too. Monday and today she went straight to the backyard to play. Yesterday we had a tea party. Joe made special cupcakes (with cookie dough inside!) for dessert on Monday. We enjoyed some of those…

The past two days she has worn pink (no surprise):

Love my big school girl!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

last day of life as i know it...

Friday was open house. Hannah just needed a little time to warm up and then it was all excitement and curiosity as she wandered around her new classroom.

She met a little girl while out in town recently, and was very happy when she walked into the classroom while we were there:

Joseph had fun playing in Hannah's new classroom, too, and loved the water fountain in the hall even more.

Today after lunch, we got back home and I put Joseph down for a nap. Then I got some time with my monkey. We rolled around her room, tickling, playing and being silly together. I wanted time to stand still. So I took a few pictures and a little Q&A video and then put my phone away and just enjoyed being with her…

After all, she is so enjoyable to be with! Just for fun I asked her about a few of her favorites:

Thing to play with - her dolls and stuffed toys in her room
Thing to draw - "made up stuff"
Thing to do - puzzles and coloring
Thing to wear - "a pretty long sleeved shirt and a pretty skirt"
Thing to sing - "made up stuff"
Thing to watch/show - "Doc" and movies like "Beauty and the Beast"
Thing to eat - "pizza!!!"
Color - pink and purple
What she wants to be when she grows up - "I'm thinking about a doctor…or a nurse."

Tomorrow is the day - her first day of pre-k! The end of life as we know it. She will be in all-day school! I know the time will fly by, but it's still a milestone…and she's still my baby. My first baby. And I'm not sure her daddy and I are ready! She's so excited, though, and that excitement is contagious. She was late going to sleep tonight, talking to herself in her bed. Now she's sleeping soundly, and I should be too!