Thursday, July 29, 2010

out on the road

This morning Hannah cuddled up with me in the bed in the hotel room and slept soundly for almost two hours. I sure do love it. She had woken up at 7:30 - about an hour before she usually does - when Joe was getting ready for class. Last night was not the best. She went to bed at a decent time, just to wake an hour and a half later crying inconsolably. We tried nearly everything. Finally I scooped her up and headed outside and walked around the campus for a little while. She was asleep again around 11:30. Poor thing just doesn't do great in hotel rooms. Not sure if it's the room itself, that we are in it too and the activity throws her off, or if it's the pack-n-play. It's fine. Two more nights before we are home, James. How lovely that will be.

So, here we are in Kentucky. It's been an eventful week. This time last week, Hannah and I were headed to Savannah. We went out to dinner to celebrate Sarah's (Joe's sister) new job as assistant principal of her school in Atlanta. We are so excited for her! Friday morning we drove with Mama up to Banner Elk, North Carolina for the Jeffcoat-Gnann Family Reunion #66. Joe drove over from Kentucky (not a short drive) to partake in the madness that is my family reunion. Saturday morning we had breakfast outside at a little cafe and got to watch the Tour (Joe hadn't gotten to watch all week). The weather was gorgeous. We spent lots of time in and around the pool, playing games, and catching up with everyone, most of whom we hadn't seen in a year. It was a great weekend and I think Hannah thoroughly enjoyed herself. One of my favorite memories will be her sudden bizarre behavior as we started taking family pictures. She flapped her arms uncontrollably and yelled at the top of her almost every shot. Priceless. She will be picked on forever for that I have a feeling... It was fun introducing her to the family!

Reunion Pictures
Rushing off to the swimming pool...
 Happy to see Daddy!

Eating rocks with my cousin, Colin (just a month and a half older than me!)

 Family fun...

Swimming with Daddy!

About to go under. Wooooo!

Swimming lesson. First of many:

Playing in the grass with my bigger cousins.

They even gave me yummy things to eat!

Family pictures. Time for me to ham it up!
(my generation)

Mommy's generation: a crazy bunch.

The Schandolph clan.

They were pretending to me like me:

Colin and me. Watch the wing flap:
Colin taught me "Touchdown!"

Sunday we went to Grace Lutheran Church in Boone, the church my family started and built. It was very neat to see the history behind it all. We then headed to Georgetown, Kentucky to my sweet friend Beth's house. We spent one night with her (and husband, Phillip) there and then relocated to Wilmore, where Asbury (seminary) is. So here we are, Thursday. Joe is almost done with these two courses. After completing the post-class work, it'll be time for him to begin his dissertation! He has put so much dedication, heart and soul into his work and this program. I am so proud of him.

Kentucky Pictures
With Beth and Phillip:
Out for dinner in Lexington:

Giggle time:
We went running at the Kentucky Arboretum. 

Being silly.
Playing in Daddy's suitcase:

More fun to come...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

plans are just that...plans.

So...we are not in Kentucky right now. As I have learned since having a baby, plans can change at the last minute. You have to cancel dinner plans with friends because the baby is just too fussy. You show up at church real late because one thing after another sets you back on that particular Sunday morning. You have to leave the photographer's studio because your baby is just not "cooperating." And on it goes.

This time it was a much-planned-out road trip to Kentucky, by way of Savannah. Friday we met Joe's parents for lunch. Hannah was fine. Friday afternoon, Hannah was not fine. In fact, she was quite sick. We are guessing it was just a stomach bug but it was nasty. She also has a bad cough which causes her to gag, sometimes to the point that she throws up because of that. Friday night she was very lethargic. I was scared. We were scared. We took her in to see a doctor in Savannah on Saturday morning. They ran some tests and told us they would need to admit her if she continued the way she was. We called Jesup and talked to a nurse nurse at the hospital. Our pediatrician was on call and we wanted to be sure he knew what was going on with her. Of course, we received conflicting advice, which is always fun (by fun I mean frustrating), and in the end Joe and I (with input from our moms of course) made the best decisions we could. She's doing much better now, but still has the cough. Her appetite is coming back too. She is her active, happy self again. Joe left early Sunday morning to make the long drive, while Hannah and I returned to Jesup. Our plans are now to join Joe for his second week of school. Hopefully everything works out. Most important, however, is for Hannah to get well...

Switching gears to a happier subject, how about I write about our trip to Fernandina last week? We were fortunate enough to be invited our friends, Anna and Wade, to come down to their place at the beach. It was two days, Sunday to Tuesday, but it was wonderful. Joe and I both love the beach, and it was as relaxing as being on vacation with a 10-month old can be. Anna and Wade's two girls, Erin and Kristen, are awesome. They loved Hannah, and Hannah loved them. And Joe and I loved that they were so sweet to take care of her on a few occasions to let us have some grown-up time with our friends. We had a great time and are so thankful to them for the invite.

I was itching to walk down to the beach as soon as we got there. The sky was overcast and everything was a shade of gray. There is something just amazing and powerful about the beach when the weather's like this.

Hannah with the Register girls: Kristen, Anna, and Erin

Playing with Kristen.

Daddy wants to play too.

I thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures of Hannah in the pretty sand dunes. As you can see, it didn't go so well... Look at that pout!


Anna wanted to try with me holding her. This is the best we got.

Our last day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

before we leave...

We are leaving tomorrow on our journey to Kentucky. Joe will be there for two weeks at seminary. Hannah and I are going for the first week. We'll get to visit my dear friend, Beth, and play around Lexington and the small town where Asbury is (Wilmore). Tomorrow morning we take Chloe and Mollie to the kennel for 10 whole days. :( We'll make two overnight stops on our way - Savannah and Atlanta. In Atlanta we'll finally get to meet Leah Rose, Daniel and Jennifer's sweet baby girl born in May. It is horrible that I haven't met this child sooner, but a planned meeting in June was canceled when Leah wasn't feeling well and her mommy was completely exhausted. And I, having a small child myself, understand. Still, we cannot wait - pictures to come!

So before we leave, here are some pictures from the last week.

Hannah is fascinated with the bike set up on the trainer in the living room. Our television has constantly been on the Tour de France. Maybe she's inspired...

Grandma came down and played...I love this picture.