Friday, October 21, 2011

10 years old

Today Chloe is 10 years old. My mom gave her to me for Christmas in 2001. She went to college at Georgia Tech, hung out at the sorority house, and lived with me in an off-campus apartment. She and I moved in first with my brother, Will, in 2003 and then with my brother, Ben (and Joe and Lily the boxers), in 2004. For 4 years she lived in Atlanta, met lots of friends, and was even lost twice. She moved with me back to Savannah in 2005 to go to graduate school. She met Mollie when Joe and I started dating. She and I moved in with Joe and Mollie when we got married and lived in Ardsley Park for 2 years. She moved to Jesup with us in 2008, and lived there 3 years. In that time she welcome a human sister (2009) and a human brother (2011). In June of this year, she moved with us to Sandersville. She's had an eventful 10 years and she's traveled across the country. She's been so much a part of my life, it's hard to remember life before her.

Right now Chloe is with Grandma and Spenser in Savannah. She has always been an anxious dog and since we added another baby to the family, things have been a little rough. My mom offered to take her for a while. I feel like a really bad mom. I just can't give her the time and attention she needs or have the patience. She goes beserk if someone knocks on the door or she hears a noise outside, waking the babies. I love her, but for now she's on vacation... It really is like vacation being with Grandma. She hangs out on the sofa, gets table scraps, and sleeps on the bed. I hate that she has anxiety. Joe and I are thinking this would help. The Thundershirt. Things are starting to calm down around here now that we're settled (both in the new house and town and with Joseph). Maybe it's time for her to come home. Poor thing...Momma does love you Chlo.

We skyped her tonight and Hannah sang Happy Birthday. I hear she was spoiled today in Savannah. That makes me happy...

Addition: My mom sent me a picture of Chloe with her birthday cake. Now that's a pretty cupcake. Notice the fork. Hmmmm...

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