Tuesday, October 18, 2011

half a year

Six months ago today I had my little guy. Each day seems to fly by and all of a sudden he is half a year old. He started babbling a few weeks ago.

He will look at me and start babbling and then grin. It melts a momma's heart...or a daddy's. He's gotten his first two teeth, also in the last few weeks. He loves to stand, bounce and jump. We brought out the jumperoo and johnny jump-up recently. It's so funny watching him. Tomorrow we have his well visit, so not sure his current stats. He's still having reflux and on medicine for that. Other than that, he's doing great. He is my cuddle bunny. And he loves to be held. In fact, I might hold him too much. Nah...

I sat him on the porch swing this afternoon. I took a bunch of pictures, but he wasn't too interested in me.

I love him to pieces.

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  1. HAPPY 6-MONTH BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY BOY!!! You're the most handsome little guy around!!! We miss you and we love you!!!!

    Uncle Ben, Aunt Katie, Wilson and Jax (woof, meow!)