Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wrapping up camp meme

Friday morning I left home just before 7am and arrived in Savannah, ran a couple of errands and headed out to Wesley Gardens for the last day of VBS. My mom and both of my aunts were in charge of snack so I helped and was so excited when I got to see my Monkey when she came through!

Joseph did a couple days with the 3-yr-old class, but he just didn't take to it well. Strange place, strange faces, lots of moving around…he was overwhelmed. But this kid had the best facial expression when he looked up and saw me in the nursery. Like it took a second for him to realize I was really standing there. His eyes just kept getting bigger. And, just as I did with Hannah, I took a picture with my phone to send Daddy back home. I couldn't decide which face to go with, so I sent him several…

Hannah jumped on the trampoline quite a bit - her favorite pastime at Meme's house. Isabelle, a long-time family friend came over and jumped with her on Friday afternoon.

She loves to jump, that's for sure. I ran all over town picking up necessities for Joseph's room on Friday, so when Saturday morning came (and the kiddos were up early), I suggested we go downtown to Ellis Square. We ate breakfast at a cute little place called Goose Feathers (formerly the Express Cafe) and then we played in the fountains. Joseph was hesitant at first, but Hannah was ready to play and slipped on her bathing suit right away. Both didn't want to leave when it was time to go.

I love downtown Savannah. We had lunch at another yummy place, called The 5 Spot, with Gran Gran and Poppy, then stopped by to visit Will and Crystal before we headed home. Joseph loves Uncle Will Will's music room!

And just like that, Came Meme is in the books. My ever-creative mother made those shirts for them and decorated little bags for the children's goodies and to keep up with their Bible school things.

On the back of the bags was a progress chart. By the time I got to look, some of the dots had been moved around.

Hannah came home with some new artwork for the fridge. Love all the fish.

As for me, I had a nice week. I got a lot done and relaxed (and read!) some, too. I leisurely drank my morning coffee and got a workout in everyday. I cleaned up a bit, made good progress on Joseph's room, and hauled a car load of donations away. Most enjoyably, I spent time with my HB. We went out on a couple dates and relished conversations without interruptions! But we missed our babies, and were very glad when we were all back together.

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