Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love is in the air...

...and on our refrigerator:

You can see the sweet Valentine Aunt Trudie made for Hannah and Hannah's valentine:

We have gotten some cute Valentines and treats. You know who you are. Thank you!!!

Despite being under-the-weather, we've been in the spirit. Sunday Joseph wore Ben's (my older brother) little red velvet john-john. He wasn't interested in having his picture taken, so I stopped trying.

Yesterday, Joe had a stomach bug and stayed home. Poor thing was down for the count. He got up long enough to walk up and down the street for a bit and watch Hannah do tricks on her tricycle.

This morning Hannah put on her Valentine clothes and headed off to preschool (to get loaded up on sugar).


Be still my beating heart...

And he's sick. Yesterday he, too, had tummy troubles but he's also got a nasty cough. We took him to the doctor today. Since he's only been coughing since Sunday, it's too early to do an RSV test (which we suspect it is). Apparently false negatives are common if the test is done too soon. His lungs sound ok and his oxygen level is good so we'll watch him and see how the next couple of days go... Neither child was cooperating for a picture to catalog Joseph's first Valentine's day.

I hope you are having a nice day, spent with the ones you love. And I hope you spend everyday in that regard, thankful for your blessings and the loved ones in your life.

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  1. Did I not comment?! I guess I saw this post on Ben's computer. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! You're a professional photographer - that's all there is to it! Not to mention your subjects are PERFECT! Love love love their outfits!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S!!!! :)