Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hannah's hideout

Who would've known how much fun it could be playing in a kitchen cabinet? When we introduced Hannah to "her" cabinet, basically unbreakables, she was thrilled. She has spent hours on the floor in the kitchen. {The only thing better would be if she could sit on the dishwasher door and play with the silverware.} But she was so excited when she discovered that she could take all the things out of the cabinet and crawl in there herself. And then she did it over and over and over again. Climbing in, shutting the doors behind her, and then climbing back out. You might think that sounds boring, but it was great fun to her. I took a video so Joe could see. We might be the only ones that think this is entertaining, but that's fine.

I love this still shot the camera took while it was filming.

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