Thursday, March 24, 2011

the nursery: part 3

Things are slowly getting checked off the list. We went to Savannah for a doctor's appointment on Monday. I was 34 1/2 weeks and had my first check to see where we are in regards to this baby making an appearance. While my doctor had told us he would most likely be inducing a couple weeks early because of baby's size, now it looks like baby is going to come on his own early. Like, we need to be prepared for a baby to arrive 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. Man, it is ironic how this time around when I haven't done much of anything, the baby is ready to come early and last time I was ready a month in advance! So we left the doctor with the directive to pretty much have our hospital bag packed in case we need to get in the car and make that trip up to Savannah. Obviously, babies come in their own time and we have no guarantee that this baby will be here that early, but being prepared is always a good thing. I'm trying to get there... We washed baby clothes and I've put aside a few things to bring to Savannah. I love looking at his clothes. Such a contrast from all the pink in the closet down the hall. Second picture is his going-home outfit. I'm so excited!

We went to Target while in Savannah too. {Let me just add here how much I love Target and how sad it is that there is not one in my town. I could spend all day wandering the aisles, latte in hand, as much as that would drive my husband crazy and love every minute of it.} We bought a case of newborn Swaddlers (the cutest, sweetest smelling, little diapers in the world), a pack of Gerber onesies, sleep-n-plays, and side-snap t-shirts (an absolute must-have). For the nursery, we got a lamp shade and a hamper I am very excited about. That may sound strange, but I love that it has handles and is collapsible. I bought two actually.

In other news, the bedding is in!

And, I found out that a baby shop in Savannah can order new cushions for my glider for less than I was going to pay to have them reupholstered (price of fabric + labor) as mentioned previously. Now I can keep the girly cushions in case we have another girl someday, and I get brand new cushions upholstered in the fabric of my choice for Joseph. We're going with a natural-colored linen/cotton blend. Done!

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  1. AWESOME about the cushions!!! LOVE THE BEDDING - great choice mama! And dying about how sweet those tiny boy clothes look! My goodness, how did you gather so many so quickly?! What a gorgeously blue closet! Joseph - we're so excited to meet you sweet baby boy!

    And P.S. - I LOVE those Target hampers too!!!