Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dogwood festival

Saturday my mom came down and accompanied us to the Jesup Dogwood Festival. Now Jesup shows up when it's time to festival. There are booths and tents set up selling all kinds of things from hair bows and plants, to wooden crafts and knives. And the food. The smell is incredible. Egg rolls, fried corn, BBQ, funnel cakes...I could eat everything in sight. And this year I really could. {I'm still waiting on that part of pregnancy where I am hungry but have no room to fit a full plate of food. I got there while expecting Hannah and I remember crying one night when Joe made a wonderful meal. I was starving and I sat down to eat, ate about 1/3 of my plate, and then could not force another bite. I was so upset.} I still have a tremendous appetite - as evidenced by the dent I put in the buffet at Pizza Inn on Friday night. I had horrible reflux but that's another story.

So back to the festival. Hannah enjoyed the cloggers on stage and we had a fun time.

 Hannah and Uncle John

On the way to the car we saw this. I wish I hadn't. Oh my gross. I mean, I couldn't even believe my eyes. What in the world...?

Everything you could possibly kill is attached to this truck. I freaked out when Hannah reached out to touch it. Have you ever seen something quite like this?

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