Monday, March 14, 2011

do you know about these?

I am sure that if you have kids you do. Or perhaps you had one of these yourself. We had one at our house. These corn poppers can be great babysitters. They can also be terribly annoying. Never fails when I'm trying to hear something on the tv or answer the phone, Hannah picks this time to select the corn popper for her entertainment. No kidding. I have to give it to her though, she will run it back in forth in front of the dogs driving them crazier. Probably animal cruelty but it is hilarious to watch her torment Chloe with it and as Chloe barks, she just laughs and laughs. She obviously thinks that they are playing some kind of game. I tried to video the experience but she only wanted Daddy to do it (naturally).

Here's another favorite. The Fridge Farm. While she still hasn't totally gotten the hang of it, she's figuring it out. But one of her classic maneuvers is to push the chicken at the top that plays random farm songs and walk away. Or she stands there and pushes it over and over so that you never actually get to hear a full song, but clips of all of them. She's a deejay. It's especially nice when I'm sitting at the kitchen table doing my morning devotion or trying to hear the news on tv and she comes back when it stops and hits it again. Great toy though, very educational. Can't you just hear the moo in this picture?

When Grandma came down to celebrate her birthday here with us, she and Hannah had lots of fun. The base of this game they were playing is the Melissa and Doug shape stacker. I love it. It's not noisy. It's educational. She loves it. They are playing some kind of game where she knocks off farm animals (borrowed from another toy) off the top. I think more than anything, she likes the sound effects from Grandma.


  1. Oh my my...jacks had one of those noisy little poppers and you are so right about the timing our lil ones have. Jacks knew exactly when to push that thing around. So we put it up. Where it is exactly, i have no idea.