Monday, March 21, 2011

one man's trash...

Sometimes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Sometimes, though...

Saturday before last Hannah and I left Daddy at home and ventured out for some fun. Peaches to Beaches is an annual yard sale that runs 171 miles along Georgia's Golden Isles Parkway/Highway 341. There is tons of junk stuff for sale in shopping mall, grocery store, and church parking lots, in private yards and garages, and literally just along the side of the road. I was simply amazed at what I saw. I was hoping to find furniture that could be fixed up or unique random things for the nursery or house. Instead I saw LOTS of clothes (clothes Goodwill would probably pass up), kitchen wares, and knickknacks (you know, those dust collectors you wonder why exist in the first place). A jackpot for some people. A disappointment for me.

So, Hannah and I drove along and wish we would have turned around miles earlier than we did. We started in Jesup and headed west. Somewhere between Odum and Baxley (two towns you most likely have never heard of unless you live in these parts), Hannah had a complete meltdown. Nothing would suffice. We went from sales dotted along the road outside of houses to nothing with no notice. She kept screaming and I kept driving thinking we would hit something. But we didn't. And finally we came up on Baxley, the next town. This is where I took these pictures.

I would've taken more but I didn't want to offend anyone since I was really taking them for fun and not because I admired the goods. That last picture is worth noting. All these boxes were filled with new products: silk flowers, pedi eggs (as in scraping the dead skin off your feet), sponges, and plastic-wrapped bright-colored lacy bras. Not even kidding. Hey, I can imagine they were a good deal and sold well. Just not what I was in the market for.

Occasionally I found something worth looking at twice. But after half a day of taking Hannah in and out of the stroller, this is the one thing we bought: a giraffe for Joseph. Hopefully he will like it and it will have made our experience worth it. 

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  1. Oh Boy! He'll thank you for the giraffe and it has a great story behind it!! Super mom on a treasure hunt :)