Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloweened out

We have been living Halloween for a month it seems, as Hannah comes home with pumpkins, candy corn and all things fall.

When I walk by the refrigerator I smile.

{This picture is a couple weeks old. We had to move some of the artwork out to make room for more that came home.}

We have taken advantage of every opportunity to wear festive outfits.

 (Taken by phone...and yes, I realize he's a little big for the bassinet.)

You may remember this jumper from last year:

It is hard to believe she's grown that much in just a year. {By the way, I plan on letting her wear her clothes for as long as I can. Next year it might be a top.}

Last Sunday we went to a Halloween-themed birthday party for Hannah's friend, Henry. We tested out the costumes.

Hannah really likes being a fairy. This was actually a play outfit my mom bought her that turned into her costume.

our friends, Kessler and McFerrin

Joseph with Emily

Going on a hayride...

Dr. Jennifer and Jane

In love with my pea in the pod.

Hannah and Mary Thomas

How about that devilish look in her eyes? She wants to smash that monster's head.

Then came Sunday.



In the afternoon we had the church fall festival.


We did a ghost theme for the trunk-or-treat, borrowing the ghosts from our front yard and white sheets, candles, and spooky music we found on XM.

Great minds think alike - My mom sent the kids a Halloween box of goodies and in it were little tissue ghosts for Hannah's class. I planned to do the same thing at the church. 

Mom's ghosts:

My ghosts:

Yesterday was Hannah's preschool fall festival. It was cold and dreary, but we played the little games, see-sawed, swang, and collected more candy.

Swinging with Elizabeth.

I tried - desperately - to get a good picture of the kids.

Thought you might like to see how they did not cooperate. Picture time usually goes this well. Such is life.

Last night we stayed inside (out of the cold) and let Hannah greet trick-or-treaters at the door. She took her role very seriously.

Grandma and Chloe and Spenser (the dogs, er, pirates) skyped us. 

And that's it! I am Halloweened out and thankful it is November.