Friday, November 18, 2011

Spenser's America!

While we were in Savannah for wedding festivities, we also had some business to attend to. The launch of my mom's book, Spenser's America, took place at Heard Elementary School in Savannah, which is featured in the book and also where my mom went to school.

Hannah was only a year old at our last book launch so she didn't really know what was going on. This time, however, she was very aware that Grandma was a big deal and didn't really like the fact that she was paying other kids attention.

Thanks to our family who came to be a part of the launch: my mother-in-law Marilyn, Uncle Pete and Aunt Kristie, and cousins Trudie, Maddie, and Jackson.

The SpenserNation series now consists of five main books and their "Little Friends" counterparts for preschoolers. The books can be purchased through our website:, at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon. All sales benefit our family non-profit initiative, Operation Hungry Child, to help end childhood hunger in America. Great gift idea and cause! If your kids do not have any of the Spenser books, I'm telling you they are missing out!

Other books in the series: 

Spenser Goes to Portland
Spenser Goes to St. Louis
Spenser's Savannah
Spenser Goes to El Paso

If you are in Savannah, visit the Children's Book Festival at Forsyth Park this Saturday. Mom and Spenser will be there signing books. If you're not in Savannah but would like a signed copy of a Spenser book, let me know and we will send you one.

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