Wednesday, November 2, 2011

we've got our hands full

Hannah loves Joseph. She likes to help us take care of him. She always wants to know where he is and what he's doing. She likes to look at him on the monitor. If I pick her up from preschool and he is not in the car, she is concerned. She wants to make sure he has his pacifier. When he cries she wants to know "what's wong?" She helps* him jump in the jumperoo. She likes to play with his toys and show him how they work. She laughs at sounds he makes and he laughs at her laughing at him. I think he likes her too, though sometimes it's hard to tell. He's definitely fascinated by her. Poor guy will be dressed up, pushed around, and told what to do for years to come.

A couple weeks ago I took these pictures.

I was sitting right here at the computer today when I looked up and saw this.

"I'm going to St. Simons," Hannah told me. I am 100% sure that she does not know what that means. I'm also not sure where it came from.

{Today she wore blue jeans for the first time. The beads, bracelets, sunglasses and other paraphernalia are not worn to school, but if she is home they are on.}

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  1. Love this post. Have fun at "St.Simons" sassy girl!!!! ;)