Thursday, December 1, 2011


In case you have been wondering about the animals...

They are alive and well. Well, not really alive, but you know what I mean. Hannah is very particular about where and how she likes them. And do not dare interfere. The animals move around the house and are usually lined up in some form or fashion. There's twelve of them; we do headcounts to make sure each and every one is accounted for.

I'm not sure what part the beads play, but as you can see below, they definitely had a role this past weekend.

Joe explained it was a river.

I'm not sure how her head works, but she's definitely got an interesting way of doing things. I like to think of it as creative...and not odd.


  1. All the animals were waiting to ford the river. Modern day Oregon trail!

  2. Totally normal!! Well, Jack does that too, with cars and other objects. I like to think it's their super-smart engineering brains coming out :)

  3. That is such a hoot!! LOVE IT!! :)