Saturday, December 10, 2011

dear santa

Long-time blog readers will remember when I did this post last year. I collected images as I went looking for Christmas presents and then compiled them to make our "wish lists". It took me a little longer this year, as it takes me longer to do most everything. I also had to really work to put a list together for Joe and me. But I managed. That said, Santa listen up!

 a. Shopping cart. Hannah loves her friend Carrie's like this Melissa & Doug one. b. Shleich animals. This one is new, and I'm thinking she would like it. c. Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle. d. accessories for her play kitchen. e. Rain jacket and boots. We love this and this from L.L. Bean. f. Play kitchen (Taken care of!) g. Because there is no such thing as too many white sweaters, and this one is perfect. h. A Tambourine would definitely be a hit in this house. i. Books. Hannah loves story time more than anything else, and it might be a good time to start a Dr. Seuss collection.

 a. White shoes. These from Robeez are super cute. b. Hanna Andersson sleeper. c. mittens attached by a string. d. Radio Flyer wagon. {I like the idea of the classic metal wagon, but Joe has talked me into something more practical and safe since it will most likely be big sister pulling it. It's been purchased.} e. I am nuts about the Menagerie bookends at Serena and Lily. f. Sweater...a necessity. I prefer the gray but the blue is nice too. g. Push toy. This one is Melissa & Doug.

a. Stationery. I've seen cute stuff on Etsy.  Actually, I'd like stationery for Joseph too. b. I've had my eye on this clock for a long time. I'd put it on my bathroom counter. c. Rain boots. I like Hunter, but they are a little over-priced. Sperry makes great ones. d. Watch. Yes, again this year. I like watches, what can I say? I'd like something casual. This one is a Timex from J.Crew, but I this is much more affordable. e. Towels. We need towels and like these Turkish cotton ones best, in white, sandalwood, and light truffle. f. Patagonia Torrentshell rain jacket. g. Baggu bag. I love mine and carry it everywhere. The navy stripe is obviously a trend this year. h. Nike running hat. i. Another Nora Fleming platter. I have the round server, but the candy dishes are nice too.

a. Handlebars for his bike. I just picked an image off Google. I have no idea the specs he requires. If you're interested, I'll find out. b. Running singlet, size M. c. Clothes: he'd like a couple new suits and slacks. Contact me for details. ;) d. Original Volkswagen Beetle. This is his dream. e. Satellite radio for his car. f. Shoes for work. {Note: Santa has already done some shopping...}

PS - I have been told that my links are not showing up on some computers. I'll have to check on that. But if you hover over the words in italics, the links will show up.

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