Sunday, November 25, 2012

if at first you don't succeed...

...try again. Right?

I really really wanted a picture of the kids in their smocked turkey outfits my mom got for them. I love the orange corduroy. They've actually worn them several times, as I try to take advantage of every opportunity with themed clothes, but I never got a picture. And so, that was my mission today when we got home from church. I started in the backyard. Only Hannah would cooperate.

Mollie totally photo bombed. She decided she was going to be in the pictures, too. These girls love each other.

This is all I got of Joseph by himself. He literally just passed right in front of my camera. I'm surprised it wasn't completely blurry. Man on the move.

Then Daddy got home and we decided to move to the front steps.

We tried...

and tried...

and tried...

to get a picture of both of them.

Daddy dangles his keys.

This is the best we got.

You get the idea at least. The one thing these photos do capture is where we are right now. We don't stay still unless we are asleep...and even then we don't stay still.


  1. Haha, Linds, I feel your pain! Emma is impossible to photograph these days too. We have discovered that the trick is the self timer. Set the camera on the tripod, and she laughs at the blinking light. Not the most convenient way to get a photo, but hey, whatever works right? :)

  2. I used to complain all the time about the cost of good photographers (and still haven't splurged on professional shots)but now think they deserve every penny they get. need to learn how to use photoshop and just start placing individual pics next to each other. Your babes are presh!!!