Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We spent last week in Kentucky for Joe's graduation. It was the first plane trip with both kids. Hannah doesn't remember the two trips we took in 2010, so it was pretty much a new experience for everybody.

On the plane, Hannah had Prudence safely buckled in.

The weather in Kentucky was unseasonably mild, thankfully. I was only cold on a couple of occasions. The first two nights we stayed with my old friend, Beth, in Georgetown (just north of Lexington). Hannah was excited to play with Caroline and Alexander, and I couldn't wait to catch up with their mom.

Excuse the messy face, but I love this picture. Going right for the camera lens. So Joseph.

Joseph gives hugs by grabbing/pinching you. It's painful some times, but love hurts.

The fun of trying to get four kids 3 and under to sit still for a photo:

We had lunch at an old bank turned cafe. Got a picture of my 3 favorite people outside:

On Wednesday, we picked my mom up from the airport, ate dinner at Red Robin (a must on each trip to Kentucky for Joe), and moved on to a hotel in Wilmore, where Asbury is located. Thursday we visited Claiborne Farm in Paris, just outside of Lexington. It was an awesome experience, seeing where the race horse royalty were bred and raised. {This was one of those cold occasions!}


That's the breeding shed above. Many of the greats were conceived right in there. Learning the financial aspects and logistics of the breeding process was fascinating.

The stuff on the ground is the same as you would find on the race track - 14" deep. It is a composite of carpet fiber, sand, and wax.

 We toured the stalls:

The yellow accent is a trademark of the farm. The brass name plates are polished every day.

We met a couple of the stallions, up close and personal. This is Arch:

The groom gives the horse peppermints while we pet. They really seem to like them!

Then we met another stallion. Pulpit:


Pulpit. We love the name. Very sadly, I just went to Claiborne Farm's website and saw that Pulpit died in his paddock, the same day we were there. It's hard to believe. That morning we saw him gallop to greet us (or for the peppermints, most likely).

Hannah told him all sorts of things.

Lastly, we visited the cemetery where Secretariat and other Claiborne horses are buried.

From death to life. This is the foaling barn at the top of the hill across from the stables. Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Seattle Slew, among other champion race horses, were born here. So neat! We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would say that it is a must-see if you are ever in the Lexington area. Hannah loved it all...

We picked up my brother, Will, from the airport, grabbed lunch at a nice Mexican place called Abeulo's and headed back to the hotel. As often happens around this time in the day, Joseph gets very sleepy. We do everything in our power to keep him awake. {He will rarely go down for a nap once he falls asleep in the car - if only for 10 minutes.} So we talk to him, maybe even yell a little, sing songs, rub his legs, tickle him, whatever it takes. He can sleep through it all. But I love how he smiled while being tickled asleep:


Thursday night was a celebration dinner for the DMin graduates and families.

Friday was the big day! The commencement ceremony was in the seminary chapel. Joe's sister, Sarah, sent me pictures from her phone:

And my brother, Will, recorded it! If you have two minutes, watch:

After the service, I went to the nursery to get Joseph. {Hannah's a big girl so she got to witness her Daddy's graduation.} He was sound asleep on a cot and wasn't too happy once he emerged from his daze.

So we went outside, where the lighting is better and kids are happier.

Joe III, IV, and V

The Graduate

The Buck representation

The Brooks representation

Our family

HB and JB with JW

"I see all the world as my parish."

I just found another quote from John Wesley that I love. Never heard it before but thought it could not be more perfect during Advent:

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” 

May we all live with that kind of passion for Jesus during this CHRISTmas season.

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  1. We had such a great time in Kentucky. So sad about Pulpit but I'm sure they will love to get your photos.

    Congratulations, Dr. Buck (and Mrs. Buck).