Monday, December 24, 2012

happy christmas eve!

Thursday I took the kids to see Santa at the bank here in town. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot, Joseph threw up. All over himself and the carseat. Joe drove over from the church to help me clean everything up, and I took Hannah in to see Santa for a minute. Why should she miss out?

Hannah, wearing her Elf-on-the-Shelf dress, was quite surprised when Santa said he knew her elf and that Bernard was telling Santa about Hannah!

Very sweet.

Our trip to Savannah was postponed, due to having to take apart and wash both carseats (Hannah had an accident during the same outing). More accurately, I was at the end of my rope, and could take no more. We planned to leave the next morning instead. I took no pictures in Savannah except these with my phone:

We celebrated my birthday with family meals. Friday night we took the kids over to Hutchinson Island to see the drive-through Christmas lights display and petting zoo. Hearing Joseph's constant "Oh no!"s and "Oh wow!"s while passing the lights made it totally worth it. Short but nice trip.

After church yesterday (and after Joseph threw up at lunch) we came back home. He was completely fine, so I let he and Hannah play at the front door. Joseph's is wearing one of three matching outfits that my brother and two cousins wore Christmas 1980. I wanted to be sure to get a picture of him in it.


The only time I can get somewhat cooperation is when a door is involved. Love this face:

Sweet girl with the messy hair.

Joseph getting sick has been a frequent occurrence lately (as in the last two months). We are not sure the cause, which is very frustrating. Could be the drainage that he has had off and on for-seemingly-ever. Could be the excessive drooling with the two-year molars coming in. Could be reflux...again. Yesterday he was put on antibiotics for an ear infection, most likely unrelated, but still no fun. Hopefully we will have answers soon.

And just like that it's Christmas Eve. Today, we've had Christmas movies playing non-stop. I believe this was The Polar Express. Like father, like son, standing - not sitting - in front of the tv:

Presents are wrapped. {Well, all but the ones for me. Joe is a Christmas Eve wrapper.} About to get ready for the candlelight service at church! Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

"During the Christmas season, we are reminded of God's gift to us, Emmanuel, which means "God with us." Jesus is a reminder of God's enduring love for us. We receive this gift with joy, knowing that God wrapped it with love and sealed it with grace." - Upper Room

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