Wednesday, September 5, 2012

from the phone camera

Time for another miscellaneous picture dump from my phone...

I'm speechless. She definitely has her own ideas on what to wear. I especially like the frog ankle socks under her brown shoes.

Hannah had another go round in the pink car at Wal-Mart, with pearls obviously.

The latest line-up (Joe's old trophies):

We drove to Augusta for an ADPi Mommies reunion. Joseph can read upside down. He's smart like that.

This is a group of sorority sisters from Tech. I've talked about them before. We share advice and stories on a Facebook page. It started really small (like 6 or 7 of us) and has turned into 20. Below are the families that could make it. {Not a phone picture, but needed to fit it in somewhere.}

Playing with girlfriends in the church nursery. I was the volunteer.

As you know, Hannah loves to run. I've posted about her morning runs up the street with Joe. She also likes to start off running with me when I bring her and Joseph along. Once she's had enough, I can convince her to hop in the stroller. Anyway, we seriously needed appropriate shoes and so made that a priority on our last shopping trip.

She picked out these. Of course. Minnie Mouse is where it's at.

She is very excited about her new "running shoes".

Then there's this guy. Post 3+ hour nap:

Posted to Facebook immediately, and now the wallpaper on Joe's phone. I mean, can you take it? I certainly cannot.


I want to blow raspberries on that belly and tickle him until I hear that cute laugh. And I do, all the time. This shirt, as much as I hate it, has been moved to the too-small pile. I'm gonna miss seeing that belly poking out.


  1. Linds- this blog made me smile more times than I can count from the land o sofa this summer. Those kids are adorable and are so, so lucky to have you as a mama. Keep trudging along. I know it isn't easy but they're so stinking cute!!

  2. Love these pictures - especially the extremely tacky shoes and the belly poking through -

    Interesting that Hannah has time to run - she seems pretty busy lining things up!

  3. Love it. The nap picture might be my fav. Too cute!