Friday, April 20, 2012

what a week it's been

My birthday boy:

This week has been rough. We celebrated, but the birthday boy kind of had to take a backseat to a more-pressing matter: his sister is sick. She has been battling fever on and off all week. When I picked her up from preschool on Tuesday, Mrs. Connie was concerned. Hannah did not want to play on the playground; she wanted to be held. That was a sure sign something was wrong. Just as I was about to publish that Easter post, sometime after midnight, I heard her crying. Her temp was 104.6. She got sick and we were up a lot of the night with her. Wednesday we went to the doctor to rule some things out. She seemed much better in the afternoon, but at night got sick again. Yesterday was about the same. We were relieved when she started the day feeling better, lower temp, interested in food, but as the day wore on she got worse, her fever spiking at 104.2. She's been very lethargic. Today we went to the doctor again... She has pneumonia. She will not be able to play at Joseph's party tomorrow. I am sad for her.

My brave girl:


  1. I'm sure birthday party pics are to come, but it was wonderful!! I was so proud of big sister too for trying amidst pneumonia to give Joseph his day...she looks like such a big girl in the chest x-ray pic.
    Uncle Ben

  2. Love this outfit, and so glad Hannah is feeling better! She truly reminds me of her mother!

  3. Oh no, Lindsey - I am so sorry! Poor baby girl :(