Thursday, September 8, 2011

speaking of firsts...

Hannah had her first dip cone at The Dairy Lane:

...and Joseph had his first go in the jump-up:

He was more interested in chewing on the side, but to each his own.

I do not have a smart phone, so there is no photo uploading to Facebook going on. That's where Joe comes in. However, it doesn't stop me from taking pictures wherever and whenever. I send them the old school way - you know, picture messages. I can also send them to my email. Which is how I can post them here. What else we've been up to...

Doctor's appointments.


{Hannah only has one more month of wearing her "magic shoes"!}

{Joseph had his follow-up appointment at the cardiologist. You may remember he was born with a small hole in his heart along with a couple of other places where things didn't completely develop before birth. I am happy to report that two of the three places have resolved themselves and the tiny hole (or VSD if we're being technical) will most likely never be an issue, much less something involving surgery. We'll have another follow-up in six months. We are very thankful. Still, it is scary looking at him having the EKG.}

Friday, we went to our first WACO high school football game. So fun! {Hannah wore her GT cheerleading uniform. "Go Tech!" she yells. Love it.}

A walk to the farmer's market.

Look at them with their feet propped up...can you believe it? I promise I had nothing to do with that.

Napping on the porch...

Now that is some good sleeping.

More porch living...

 I hear the porch calling me right now actually. I am so glad I bought that furniture.

Speaking of porches, Sunday we had dinner with friends on their porch. And it is a beautiful one. They have twin girls who are precious. Thanks Deana and Ken for a wonderful night!

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