Sunday, September 4, 2011

"i do"

It's Sunday afternoon of Labor Day weekend, overcast. I'm sitting here on my back porch, under fans that feel so good {thanks, honey}, with Joseph fidgeting by my side, and an iced coffee. I love iced coffee and I'm trying out this recipe from Pioneer Woman. Delicious.

We've had a busy summer and I cannot believe that it's September (and my baby girl is almost two).

She's a great big sister. She always wants to give Joseph kisses and help me. In return, he smiles at her. She loves it. On this particular morning, I put her in his bassinet to "cuddle." How sweet is this? God is so good.

She confiscates my phone every chance she gets. She likes to hold it up above her head like this. "Cheeeeeeese!" you think maybe I take a few pictures of her?

She likes to play at Mary Thomas's house.

 ..and likes to get all dolled up and come find me.

She's something alright.

As for the post title. I am not sure where this came from, but Hannah answers almost every question in the affirmative by saying "I do."

Do you want to go outside and play?
"I do."

Would you like some water?
"I do."

Are you hot?
"I do."

That child...

Two weeks ago, Joseph turned 4 months old.

He was sick for about a week with a tummy bug (we think) coinciding with his four-month shots, waking all through the night fussing, but he's doing better. He slept through the night last night. Joe and I were very grateful. He's also started teething and I think we'll start seeing those little white chiclets soon. We've tried rice cereal, but he's not loving it...yet.

Last weekend he was baptized. I am waiting on the pictures, but will post them as soon as I can.

Time has gotten away from me. Joseph finally fell asleep...just as I need to feed him again before we leave to go play with some friends. Typical... I'm thinking Daddy and daughter are asleep inside the house. Hope you are having a nice long weekend.

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