Wednesday, August 10, 2011

clemine and pru

I'm back in the blogging world for a few quick minutes. It's been a very full summer and I cannot believe it's mid-August already. We had a nice few days at the beach with friends, so when I have some spare time I'll blog about that and post some pictures. For now, I've got this:

Hannah's crib is positioned in her room here just as it was in the last house. But for some reason, now she tosses her bla bla dolls Clementine and Prudence over the edge into the corner of the room after most naps and nights. She loves Clemine and Pru, as she calls them, so I'm not sure why she throws them overboard. When we go in to get her, she often tells us about their plight - as if they upped and jumped over themselves. Anyway, I'll move the crib and go get them (another reason why I didn't take the casters off), but Joe prefers to go about it this way. Hannah likes to help.


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  1. That picture is too funny. Look forward to more blogging from the Buck family soon (you know, when life slows down :)