Sunday, April 10, 2011

ok baby boy, there's room for you!

Joseph, you can come now. Friday, we got a new car - a Chevrolet Traverse. And we love it. We had the chance to test drive one for the weekend back in February and knew that's what we wanted. Not too big, but plenty of space. {It has a third row in case we have a grandparent (or whoever) riding somewhere with us. Or we can fold the back row down and have tons of room for the trips we frequently make.} We were getting pretty tight in our Malibu with all our stuff, Hannah, all her stuff, the BOB, and two dogs. It would have been real tight with another car seat and even more stuff.

I think Hannah likes. What do you think?

Ahhh. I love the color: white diamond. Not white white, but an eggshell-sparkly-off-white. Notice Hannah. She just loves to wave. And me...geez. I'm holding up my belly, aren't I? Well, it is somewhat of a relief. And the swollen feet/ankles. Will be really ready for that to be over. 37 weeks and counting...

We spent the last couple days in Savannah - a jam-packed trip as always. We try to cram as much into 48 (or 36) hours as we possibly can. We get a lot accomplished though: doctor/dentist appointments, errands, visits with all the know how it is when you go home. Just imagine when you also have to do your shopping (Target especially). Next time we go to Savannah, it'll be to have a baby! I have a feeling this week is going to fly by as I try to accomplish all I can before I'm a mom of a toddler and an infant and really have no free time. However, what I really need is some rest...and to put my feet up (if I can control the urge to nest).

I do think a Sunday afternoon nap is in order. Hope you are all having a beautiful and blessed day.


  1. I love it! My car is white diamond...and every other car I am fortunate enough to get will also be diamond white! So excited for y'all...

    Hannah is already preparing to take charge =)

    BTW - I have the Buck Family Blog at the top on the favorites bar...and if Riley sees me on the site she points to Hannah and says "agiiiin" - she wants me to play the video of Hannah ("anna") climbing in and out of the cabinet. I think we watched it 7 times this weekend. Can't wait to see pictures of Joseph and the ever growing Buck family. :-) Much Love ~Lauren

  2. Oh- I like to think of the color as a pearl with the shimmer of an opal :-)

  3. You are not helping my case of envy :) Congrats sweet gal!!