Thursday, February 24, 2011

girl time, visits, and videos

Last week was filled with beautiful weather, all kinds of fun, and a few fits - but hey, that's a normal occurrence. {We are now to the point where she throws herself down on the ground. It's high drama.} Check out the Raggedy Ann and Andy outfit from Grandma. Love the tutu. Might have to cut the feet out so she can wear it out of the house. But those Mary Janes are so dang cute.

 Hannah's new favorite thing to do is "read" the photo book my mom made her of her first year. I frequently hear her in the other room saying "Da-da. Da-da. Da-da!" Yeah, Hannah, there are other people in the book too. All I hear all day is "Da-da". She knows who I am and how to say it, but it's funny, I don't hear her declare my name over and over...Guess since I'm with her all day everyday I'm boring. But it is cute to find her flipping through the pages, studying the pictures.

Granddaddy came with a big surprise on Wednesday - a princess cycle. It's too big right now of course, but she was thrilled nonetheless. She can barely reach the handlebars, and certainly not the pedals, so instead she hops on it and pushes herself backwards. She was in awe watching the "big boy" across the street on his.

Banana loves her story time before bed. On Wednesday night, Daddy tried a new book from Aunt Trudie. She liked.

Friday and Saturday I kept Hannah busy so Joe could get as much work done on his dissertation as possible. We had a momma-daughter morning on Saturday - went out to breakfast at Huddle House and drove around town singing songs and exploring. And then Grandma came in the afternoon to play. {You have seen this dress from Auntie Jen before. I'm crazy about it. Hungry Caterpillar is a fave in this house. In fact, the big beach ball is from the gigantic caterpillar we had in the front yard for her 1st birthday party.} On the hammock, they are singing "Row, row, row your boat."

This week Joe was gone Monday to Wednesday, so more girl time. We hardly left the house. 

The weather is still unseasonably warm down here in South Georgia so we took advantage of it and went for a walk. I am having to walk slower than I would like because a couple times last week we went walking and I had contractions - painful ones. We are not ready for baby boy to be here, and there is no way I'd survive under bed rest, so I'm trying to slow myself down. Hard for me to do... I'm the kind that likes to get stuff done, be productive, exercise and have something to show for the day. Don't get me wrong - I love to sit on the couch and read a book, but if that's all I have accomplished then after a while I start to go mad. I cannot imagine being in nesting mode and having to rest, especially with this one in the house. So...slower walks it is. Before we head out, I tell her it's time for a snack. See her trying to pry open "her" cabinet? Caught in the act.

I wish I had a baby picture of Joe to post next to this one. 

And we're off. By the way, the yarn scarf thing was her addition.

Finally, it's been a while since I've posted any videos, so I thought I'd attach a couple of recent ones. The first: bath time. Hannah's favorite thing is her little farm book. She knows it well. The second: sending Daddy off to work. Pay attention to how we blow kisses...Mmmah! Sound effects are everything.

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