Monday, August 26, 2013

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Happy Monday! Joe and I are headed to Augusta today for an ortho-spine follow-up. At our last appointment three and a half weeks ago things were looking good. Thankfully, where the fracture is in the L1 vertebra, it will just require time to heal on its own. The main source of pain at this point is Joe's lower back, which suffered soft-tissue damage and severe bruising (including bone - pelvis/sacrum). Our ortho-leg follow-up last Tuesday went well. His cast was taken off, X-rays done, stitches removed, and he was put in a boot. He also doesn't have to keep his leg elevated 24/7 which is wonderful! He can move around on his crutches and do gentle exercises/stretches with his foot. We will go back in four weeks. Until then, it is non-weight bearing.

Things are getting better. Joe participated in worship yesterday. Everyone loved to see him back up there and he liked being there. I was a little nervous as he was crutching around and going up and down the steps at the front of the church. But he did fine. Yesterday, he even went swimming for a little bit. Not to worry, he was very careful (as I kept telling him to be!) and didn't push it.

The kids have spent the last almost week with my mom in Savannah and I miss them so much! They have had a great time doing all sorts of fun things and we have FaceTime'd them every day. It has been to nice to have the break and get stuff done around the house (including working on the birthday party for my little HB), but I'm ready for them to come home tomorrow!

Here's the last month of mobile uploads. These first two were taking by my friend, Deana, who was so kind to take the kids for a fun-filled morning at the end of July:

And now August, from my phone:

 my little performer

 ...and again.

 Daddy's first haircut in a while. 

 like father, like son.

 Hannah "calling" friends on her phone while out for a run.

 opening an early birthday present from Auntie Jen

 playing with birthday party supplies in the shopping cart case you were wondering what the hardware looks like in Joe's leg.

 exercising "gently" yesterday

FaceTime with Hannah

Here's to the last week of summer. Preschool starts next week!

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