Friday, August 24, 2012

two short trips

While we aren't back in school yet at our house, everyone around us is, and therefore I feel like summer has left us without even saying goodbye. Until the last few days it's been blazing hot outside and the afternoon rainstorms typical this time of year are a reminder that - uh, yes, it is still technically summer. But the weather seems the only thing still holding on to summer. Football hype has started and Halloween costumes and cool-weather clothes fill the dozens of catalogs I get every week. I love the fall, but it's August. So we've still been acting like it's summer around here, if only for just a little bit longer. What we've been up to... {A little out of order here with previous posts, but I'm sure you can forgive me.}

We went to Savannah for about 22 hours to take care of some things. We also had dinner with good friends sans kids (which means we actually got to have a conversation!) and we stayed with Gran Gran and Poppy.

Lunch at Bonna Bella Yacht Club

Hannah and Gran Gran played with Goldfish, throwing a fish to the fish below.

Joseph could neither stand eating the lemon, or leaving it alone. 

Hannah and I took a girls trip to Atlanta. On the way up it looked like this:

A lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sugar.

We met Babycakes and Leah at Scott's. (Yes, where I got that children's pew. I looked at this "time-out bench" first.

Hannah fell asleep driving from one side of the interstate to the other. She was completely out of it for this diaper change. Later, she was wide-awake - and very fascinated by the escalator while shopping at Atlantic Station. Small town girl...

We visited my old Starbucks with Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie. I worked here to pay the bills while in art school.

I went to a baby shower for a girl friend (the one holding the little ADPi shirt up to her belly). There are five preggos in this picture. One of them is not me.

And on the way home, someone crashed before we even got out of Atlanta.

When we got home we showed Daddy and Joseph our goods. Joseph liked the Hungarian dough bowl...

...he just didn't want to be in it.

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