Thursday, August 30, 2012

the simple things

It's the simple things from day to day that make my life so good. Like my time with Joseph in the morning when I hold him as he drinks his sippy cup of milk, one of the few times he'll sit still. I love cuddling and tickling him on the couch as he laughs that cutest laugh in the world. I love looking around the corner into the playroom as the kids are playing together, communicating in a way that only they understand. I love sitting on the porch swing holding my babies. I love our impromptu "group hugs" in the middle of the kitchen. I love when we hold hands and pray as a family. I love singing to Hannah in the rocking chair in her room at night, or looking in as she sits on Joe's lap as he reads and sings to her. And I love the quiet time after the kids are in bed when Joe and I sometimes hold off dinner and can sit at the table together, or have dessert on the couch and catch up...

Mostly, I don't have pictures of these things. Tangible pictures, that is. I have beautiful pictures in my mind that will always only be a thought away.

But I have taken a couple pictures lately of such moments...

In the morning I usually take care of the kids while Joe is working out. Hannah always looks forward to seeing her daddy. I help her find the closest pair of shoes so she can run outside and catch up with him as he does his post-run walk down the street. I love standing outside the front door and watching them as they run/walk back to the house together.

The kids like to check the mail. You would think we have some exciting walk to the mailbox. But all we have is a driveway, a driveway with lots of cracks and one that has caused lots of falls. In the afternoons, usually after nap, we get out of the house if only for just a few minutes. We walk down the driveway, stopping at the end to "Look left, look right. No cars are coming. We can go now." Then we get the mail, and head back toward the house. Sometimes checking the mail requires the whole family. I happened to have my phone in my pocket on a recent occasion. I am glad, because this is one of the moments I'm talking about.

The simple things.

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  1. I'm loving Hannah's running attire....Very Ace Ventura-esque!