Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter week

Happy Easter! I hope you had/are having a joyful one. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. More than anything, because of it's significance to my life as a Christian, but also because I love the spring weather, the Easter egg hunts, the pastel colors, the bunnies, the baskets, the candy...

We celebrated all week long. Last Saturday, we took Hannah to the church Easter egg hunt. {We practiced finding eggs at home in the living room a few days before.} She was so cute. Joe helped her and when she'd spot an egg, she'd set her bucket down, pick up the egg, bring it to her bucket, then pick up the bucket, sling it over her shoulder like a purse, and set off. {Her basket stayed at home. It's still a little big for her to carry. The bucket is actually Joseph's, but he let her borrow it.}

Grandma stayed home with the baby. When we got back, she and Hannah dyed eggs.

Sunday, Ben and Will came down to join us for church. After, we went home, hunted more eggs in the backyard, played with toys from the Easter Bunny, and ate Easter dinner. Karen and John joined us too. 

Joe's mom came down Sunday afternoon and spent the night with us.

We waited until Monday to look at the cute Easter buckets from Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie.

Wednesday, my dad came down to see us and meet Joseph. Joseph and I enjoyed the sun while Hannah and Granddaddy played.

Thursday was the first day I was by myself with both kids all day. I've had some form of help - if just for a couple hours - pretty much every day. Since things settled down a bit I thought I'd give them their baskets from us. Yes, four days after Easter. Sunday (and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) were just too crazy to add anything else to the mix. I had Hannah's basket sitting on the end table next to the sofa. She discovered it on her own. I grabbed the camera and watched. With Joseph, well, I just propped him up next to his basket. Then, of course, I needed one of him in the basket, like I took of Hannah on her first Easter last year.

He didn't like it too much.

These kiddos were spoiled, with several Easter baskets along with other presents. Our living room has been a mess, littered with toys, baskets, and plastic eggs all week. We pick up everything about ten times a day. Five minutes of Hannah and we are back to where we started. Despite the chaos, we've had a fun week. Things have calmed down now and there is a sense of normalcy here. Whatever that means...

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