Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I know. Where am I, right? I'll tell you where I am - right here at home completely swallowed up in being mom, meal preparer, diaper changer, milk producer, laundry master, rock-a-bye-er (how Hannah refers to being rocked), bath giver, book reader, and tantrum list extraordinaire, box packer, organizer, and thrower-outer. You get the point. We are moving and the POD is being picked up on Monday. Joe is out of town this week for the Methodist church's annual conference and let me tell you how I feel about that. Not. Good. Timing. Thankfully I've had help with Hannah. And for those precious hours, I beg Joseph to be good so that I can be productive. We miss Daddy and amidst all the craziness, it's times like these that I am reminded how good God is and how blessed I am.

I love this child.

...and this one.

As I've been packing and have lots of time to think, I've thought of several things to blog about. Maybe sometime soon I'll have a chance to sit down and write. As for now, I'm up and down, up and down trying to keep Hannah from hurting herself in this phase of fearlessness and consoling Joseph, who is not happy. Life would be dull if not for this...

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